if you could change the way things are.
Heyyah!!~ I’m back…Owhkay how can I make this a really long post, yannie? Hahah I’m kinda like used to short posts yea knoe but owh wellz I’ll try to like expand the words tht I’mma using =) if that works. So lets start from the VERY BEGINNING (there, now I’m expanding words already) I woke up today with a really bad thigh + butt ACHE ever since doing tht not-so-great handstand.(which just-so-you-know I toppled over sideways). And it kinda was like living in hell tht day when I went to school looking like I just came out of the hospital from a car accident. And coincidentally we had PJ tht day. Aikkzzzz but I manage to get out of it tho and tht really helped.

WARNING! Never do a handstand if you can’t. You’ll really suffer! Not kidding. It seriously aches =P
Like I said I can’t write long posts *sorry yannie*
-S H A R O N-

TODAY as you guys can see..IS a holiday! Whoopee * screams*..v guys and gurls had dance practice at 9-12. Though we didn’t finish at 12, v gurls were busy doing cool hahah ( should I put it that way) ??? stunts =) yeppers: yan and Nicole were like doing cart wheels and yi wen was teaching me how to do a handstand though I only got it right halfway till I toppled over and hurt my HEAD and it still hurts abit *ouch-ness*. Not forgetting Ming Yen. She was doing bridge’s ahaha it was super cool. Went QUEENS after tht, with my friends hahah went to watch WILD HOGS and I rate it an (A) I guess hahah. It was seriously-funny!!! *giggles* …so well tht’s my update for today. PICTURES will be up SOON


Owhkay so you kinda saw tht video clip of me and my friends on YouTube...and yea we can make a whole lotta cash if you think bout it. I gotta do this real fast since i'm posting this in school for the FIRST TIME! whopeee* laughing really loudly* this is so random but my friend next tah me is kinda seeking attention by singing some song from the phantom of the opera and she kinda is giving me the creeps ryte now. Well, it's really kinda lonely now at home without my dad. Me.miss.him.loadzzz. My dad can totally assure you tht a hospital is a white jail. Believe him! he's been staying there for 2 days and it's a nightmare from hell!

owhkay my teacher's here!whoops...gotta go

xXx just for laughs xXx

something me and my friends did right after the choral speaking competition ...=)

hey'all!~ aikzzz ..CHORAL SPEAKING...CHUNG LING HIGH SCHOOL...3RD OF APRIL 2007 ONE of the worst days of the year...NO OFFENCE to all thoseConvent Light Street students who went for choral speaking heehee...but it was kinda a really bad day since MGS got 2nd!!!!~How did CLS win ??? i have NO clue...they've been shaking their legs and during choral speaking...it's one of the rules that any of the particapants who are shaking their legs... they will be disqualified~!but i guess they were much better than us...(hear tht ming yen ??? heehee) after all , we tried our best and hahaha...but my class still ain't happy bout it...well...i guess i had abit of fun ...taking pictures there...hahaha...hmmmm...overall...i guess MGS CHORAL SPEAKING WAS good ...owh and you knoe what...chung ling is SUPER BIG tee hee

-S H A R O N-

Sorry to yea guys...heehee...haven't been updating....my com can't really work anymore that's why...sorry to err...SARAH THUM...can't post all the pictures...heheh hope this is enough...

owh i just remembered ....


may today be filled with laughter AND excitement

-S H A R O N-