if you could change the way things are.
anions and cations =.=
;Friday. It'll come soon. You'll see. =)

What could you ever do without exam breaks?!


They keep you relaxed.

Well, not really. Cause most of the time, they just pressure you more. And no, I don't mean it gives you an impetus for the coming week!

Look! I learnt a new word?!

GAHH! Of idioms and flowery words. Nevertheless, it's in my vocab list from now on!

'Impetttuuuussssss' *slurs it with bulging eyes to add the more dramatic effect*


And then...


Oh the joy =.=

maybe we're trying.
I was checking out those english idioms just for the fun of it! Cause we were talking about it in school today. Of all the things, it just had to be this one.

I happen to think that a person would rock at understanding all these idioms if they're good at reading between the lines. Like take for instance, I have ants in my pants that the exams are coming to an end soon enough. *points* Read between the lines, peopleeee! It makes perfect sense if you do. LoL?

Then again, there are those idioms commonly used such as an apple a day keeps the doctor away. And if you don't know that, then I wouldn't know what you would really know?!

I think I'm going nuts. The days have been sordid, really. Study study study. If it's not draining my energy with the history book, it's either with the biology green reference book or the add math book with all those highlighted doodles on those dog-eared pages?

Bridgette tried to find the point of equilibrium today by stacking a pile of Cezanne's Stabilo highlighters in the physics lab. When she did, I proved to her that some experiments are altered by natural errors such as this one...*blows the highlighters Bridgette stacks up...and it all falls down*...WIND - a cause of these natural errors. Gahh! I still suck at Physics though.

...back to the drawing board. (Not an idiom!)

oh, the boredom.

Did you know...

That COKE cleans your teeth enamel if drank once a month?

Sure, it corrodes your teeth if you're not too careful with controlling your coke intake.

HARMFUL and yet so good to drink?!

Chemistry makes me go nuts!


That's what God's teaching me.

It's this time of the month again.

Books. Books. And more books.

See you on the other side after the 30th.

For now, I'm on study mode.

being understood for the right reasons.
Here's just a little something I thought you should know about me.

I like working under pressure. I love driving myself and pushing myself to the extent where I know that I've done something beneficial in my life and in others. Something more than just a supporting role.

Sure, it might seem stressful, a burden at that point of time. But heck, you wouldn't know what you're missing until you start feeling a little loosened up.

Bear that in mind.