if you could change the way things are.
Year 2006
Year 2008

Don't the change of pictures just scare you?
Well maybe it doesn't.
But Gahh! I look scruffy...and Nabila looks like some kiddish freak who just wants to get back to class instead of taking that picture.
Moving on to the other one, now those are still the same faces I see frequently which looks like it hasn't changed.
Mind this whole -rambling on and on till you could get bored of it- post, was finding excuses to use the computer instead of doing math homework.
Screw Math.
Current mood: thinks to herself* are there any chocolates in the fridge?
A more proper post will be up soon. Once I think of something, that is.
Now off to find those chocolates I've been thinking about.

won't stop
I was intending to update a long long time ago.

I'd sit infront of the screen.

Think of something to write.

Keep on thinking.

Thinking harder.

Not working.

Gets fed up.

Leaves the computer to it's desolate, grim, and dismal state.

And forget about the thought of trying to update.

Nevertheless, I promised myself and my imaginary friend, Bob that I'd update today. Considering that all I do on the computer is instant message and well, listen to the re-runs of one of the many songs by One Republic which I find it very comforting when I get overly bored.

Thinks harder on what to say...

Religious Emphasis (RE) week went awesome-ly well today in school.

Pastor Victor did a great job on his part and I couldn't have expected that many students to respond today.

But, through the slits of my closed eyes while worshipping, mind you, I saw a bunch of students making their way forward to the front to be prayed for. Three quarter out of the whole congregation, I gather. Which I have to say was




Moving on to other random things to talk about...

What is the definition of the term 'ugly' in the dictionary?

Then think about this...what is sharon's definition of the term 'ugly' in the dictionary?

Sharon's definition would be...six large sized elephant ears, teeth as long and sharp as Count Dracula or was it Edward Cullen who happens to be a fictional character in the upcoming movie Twilight? (sorry steph and man ying. LoL)

But Sharon would never define people as ugly. Cause cause everyone's pretty...? (this is getting nowhere, trust me!)

Pretty like orange sunflowers and pretty pink flying pixies.

Somehow, pixies remind me of fairy cupcakes with the sugar icing on top?

Did you know the average amount of sugar needed in order to bake a cake is 5000 grams?!

Sugar makes rabbits go high which will result to them hopping around like Tigger (Winnie The Pooh) on a Pogo stick.

Winnie The Pooh reminds me of something round and yellow.

Like a yellow, round ball!

Blubby blubberry BOOB!

That was random. But Bob made me write this all down. It was his fault if you're starting to fall asleep already.

Till then.

who writes these things?
Dear readers, who're still viewing my blog even though it has been dead some time ago. You have my thanks for stopping by. And here's finally an update which if you notice, has been quite frequently posted in blogs of others. I do apologise if the pictures happen to be the same and all.

Rebels For Christ.





JAMIE (great acting)


Mister-makes-all-the-pretty-girls-stare. (PS. They're only staring at his very scary looking eyeliner!)

Mister-looking-very-gay-in-that-costume! You, two-timer! Cheated on Jessie for Andrew (Inside joke)


Mister-big guy-of-no-nonsense-corporation


Miss-sings-with-a-very-powerful-voice! YOU ROCK!


Miss-gonna-be-the-next-Carrie Underwood!





And that concludes all the "Mister's and Miss's"...i'm sorry for those whom i didn't mention. I haven't got your pictures!

As much as I love the concert, the show that we put on for God and for the hungry crowd who were anxiously waiting for the mouthwatering food which was prepared by Uncle Felix and his team of very detailed guys who had to place the veg, the fries (which i had to admit they were awesome! well, they smelled awesome), the big portion of chicken...

What I love the most was...

...the everyday-for-the-whole-entire-week practises. The effort that the girls and guys put in for building and sorting out the props (I LOVE NY!), the other half of the guys who happen to be very nice gentlemen carrying out the heavy-will-die-or-break-your-bones furniture in the store (which was very annoying when you had to bend a little lower if you don't want to get your head bumped), the actors and actresses for doing their best on stage, the singers who sang their mighty lungs out, the dancers who've been jumping up and down, doing great stunts and moves which could've cause injuries of some sort, the team of waitresses, waiters, ushers with their kind smiles, the lighting crew which had to patiently wait for the next scene to come on to switch back on the spotlights, the sound people who've been behind the whole time managing the songs...and everyone else. YOU PEOPLE ARE AMAZING!

And as the five days passed really quickly, i've come to realize how important we are as a team. We aren't just a mere bunch of individuals. We are a team...we work best whenever we're a team. We encourage one another by doing even the littlest of things to cheer a person up. Giving moral support for those who've been under a lot of pressure...helping someone out with their lines in the script, comforting someone when they just cried their eyes out, praying for someone who almost had a major arm injury, even buying someone a drink during lunch break...helps!

...As time goes by, I still yearn to see that passion for God in the fireBRANDS, that fire in every single one of their hearts which I belive have never stopped burning all this while.

To the fireBRANDS, never let the fear of what your peers might think of you get in the way...You are who you are. Shine for God.

Till then.