if you could change the way things are.
far apart_
Life is short.

I shudder at the thought of it all.

I have the tendency to ignore the realities of life...like death? (this is getting nowhere but bear with me)

Take for instance this...

PENANG: She had the world at her feet but death robbed medical student Lee Nian Ning of a brilliant future.

The straight A's student, former state swimmer and accomplished Girl Guide was on the double-decker express bus from Penang to Kuala Lumpur which crashed near Slim River on Friday.

Nian Ning, 21, a Public Service Department (PSD) scholar at the University of New South Wales in Australia who was on her way to visit friends in Kuala Lumpur, was among three passengers who perished when the driver lost control of the bus and slammed into a divider.

RIP, Nian Ning.

[This is still getting nowhere] - But it just suddenly dawned on me that sometimes, we take little things in life for granted. And it pretty much sucks if we still do.

Like I said, life is short. Life is brief. And sometimes, life can come to an abrupt stop before we even know it.

Cherish every moment, happy or sad...bad or good. It doesn't really matter.

[Some other topic to put your mind at ease] Prefects Camp, Tanjung Bungah Hotel.

There's nothing much to say. I'm kinda lack of words at the moment [after reading Tania's outstanding and above average...report on YouthCamp. Fellow fireBRANDS, please do watch out for the next season of the newsBITE! it'll be out sometime soon. Flip over to Tania's report in there and laugh your head off]

Youthwave was another one of em' spectacular nights. I had fun. They had fun. We had fun.
Thank the heavens and the stars for there were NO hard-punk-rocking-loud-blasty till you can't hear a thing-music. *yr 2006
Enthusiasm. That was me. I couldn't stop jumping and I kinda ended up at home with sore feet and jelly-like toes.

I'm late, I know.
A 2874872580708029319804356464 apologies for not posting this up earlier.
Happy 17th Birthday to my dearest auntie Nicole Tan Gek-Len

She's the bomb. She'll blow your mind...[as in literally]
Behind that pretty exterior of hers, she's a young lady with one of the greatest personalities you can find.
Nicole Tan is truly the bubbly one in the family. And she'll cheer just about anyone up whenever they're feeling a little blue.
dearest Auntie,
Thanks for all those memories of us that has been etched into my mind.
Thanks for taking real good care of your niece all this while [no thanks to Miss Lim] X)
Thanks for being the kind soul that you always are.

to the tiniest specks of dust in this ENORMOUS world

better luck next time_
These days...these days...

are alot harder than I expected it to be? Hence, the 'kia-su' syndrome is already in my head. PMR will be out anytime soon and before we know it, the study marathon will be on. Everything just happens so fast that before you know it, it'll all be over soon. Gone! and done with.

Extra-curricular activities. The more you think about em', the more you wish that everything would just vanish. But reality appears back in a split second.

Guides meetings, choir rehearsals, house practises, SCF meetings, Prefect meetings, tuitions, homework, some camps which I occasionally go to. Need I say more?

How does one juggle everything they have on their hands and make it look so easy?

On the other hand,

It's the 22nd of January, and I'm a little late. But nevertheless, I'll still wish the birthdaygirl, Happy Birthday.

So here's to you, Miss Tania Loke.

Another birthday, another year older.

It's been great fun having to organize JYR with you and Joel. You were the one who came up with all those nonsensical ideas which made all of us had fun in Safira Club. And I enjoyed every moment of JYR 2007. Let God rock you, Miss Loke and never ever give up.

megan's definition of : honeydewprincess.

It's a really random picture she decided to take when she found that big yellow `thang in her house. Uhh hint* the crown means princess and well the honeydew is THE HONEYDEW! what else could it be?

Thanks a million, miss cheah.

On the other side of the story,

Life in school hasn't been that bad as i had expected it to be. I mean, sure, there are still those moments where I ask myself, what the h*** am I doing here? But I guess, I must've gotten used to it already.

Girls in my class are great actually. They make you feel as welcome as ever on the first day of school. I've got 2 great ladies sitting next to me.

One practically sings [all the Click 5 songs she knows] the whole way through class with her amazing voice. And the other can't stop talking about Zac Efron and Jessica Alba.

But they're great people...as in seriously! I've been skipping classes alot lately, thanks to all those rehearsals for prefects installation and well, practises for some duet me and YanY were working on.

And thanks to both my partners in class, I've been able to catch up with homework and stuff. You go, girls!

David's surprise birthday, isn't really a big shocker to him anymore tho. We've had tonnes of surprises for the past few years and I guess, he knows the drill whenever someone's birthday is coming up.

No. There wasn't anything extravagant. And no, it wasn't lemon meringue smothored with chocolate cream or coffee cream if that's what you're thinking.

We [joyce&sharon] baked muffins! It didn't quite come out the way we wanted it too. And we kinda made it worse actually. The chocolate/coffee cream was just going in all directions when we finally set it on the muffins. And the muffins were rock-hard! Ahh, but there's a first time for everything.

Happy Birthday David Tan Dar Wei.
From all the Manasseh-nites.

A thousand apologies mister andrew chan for posting this up real late.
But, Happy Belated Birthday to you, sir!
Thanks for being the guy who's always been there for me. + Thanks for making me realize that the world has much more in stored for me. + Thanks for cheering me up when I felt like breaking down every now and then . + Thanks for helping me get back to being miss sunshine again.
Appreciate it all. It means alot to me.

every minute of my everyday_
New Year's Eve, my family reunion. [Gurney]

So called family reunion since MissJoyceLim couldn't make it. (Don't worry Joyce, me and Nicole will have you do something spontaneous and embarassing since you didn't turn up, heheh) It kinda turned out to be more of like the 'aishiteru's [AYC,2007] reunion. Daniel Tan decided to tag along for lunch but he ended up losing himself with the rest of the guys. Rest of the guys meaning, Mister Samuel Thum and Mister Timothy Yeoh.

Dearest Auntie Nicole Tan. Thanks a million for making me smile on the 31st of December to be exact. It was tonnes of fun trying on funny clothes and keeping real quiet as we started taking snapshots in the changing room ayy?

It's been one heck of a day to tell you the truth. Meeting 'many familiar faces' such as uhh...nevermind, and you showing me people I have no idea who they are but I should?

Oh and for the record, TURTLE NECKS are super hot [as in literally] and they're tacky too! Stay away from them, people...

Thanks for keeping me company as we watched the guys play snooker. Hehehe, seeing Daniel Tan challenge Samuel Thum [which took forever] was actually pretty interesting to tell you the truth. Don't worry Sam, you'll get Dan next time ayy?

And to the other side of things,

School's been pretty great actually. So I didn't really end up in the same class as dearest MaeYune and Megan, but ahh! it's kinda fun actually. Making new friends and maybe hanging out with some old friends I haven't been keeping in touch with for a really really long time. There are times when I miss all those great happenings in 2Biru last year, like take for instance- SINGING, yeah singing out loud in class...or or that time where a whole bunch of us started getting addicted to cookbooks in the library? But maybe, I've got to accept the fact that some things are a little different at the moment. And I've got to get use to 'change'. CHANGE, yeah...change.