if you could change the way things are.
steady now.
At some point in life, you'd start to feel the weight of everything on you. And at times, it might pull you down with it, leaving you feeling as if you'd wish to hide from the world and not wanting to face reality only to be dragged down with those bottled up emotions and pressure.

These days,
I've been...busy. Lets just put it that way. Busy sorting out stuff which has been piling up even if I've been anticipating a well deserved break. Busy sorting out my emotions, you could say. Looking back, I should be thankful I've even come this far without having to break down.

Being the head of the procession in during teachers day might be simple. Not quite. Having to settle 18 pieces of bamboos which should be cut accurately from their original state (Humungusly-ceiling-touching-long) and estimating how many potted plants we'd need to junglefy a huge hall can take up a load of your time, cause you to have constant migraines from all the mental and physical strain. But i guess you could say, I've managed to pull it off with two of my most trusted committee members. Credits to Cezanne and Sammie.

Newspaper in Education, for pete's sake! Not magazine in education. Though I've given up on justifying my case to my English teacher on how it should really be a newspaper template and not those glossy-colourful paper, I think we did a pretty good job. Considering, it was a two day thing. It might look a lot like a newspaper, but heck, I had fun. I think?

Moral folio. Kesan yang saya telah peroleh sewaktu menjalankan aktiviti mendirikan sebuah taman renjer di sekolah saya ialah, ia telah menyedarkan saya bahawa pentingnya untuk menjaga dan menghargai alam sekitar. Tidak dapat dinafikan bahawa alam sekitar merupakan ciptaan Tuhan yang seharusnya dipelihara supaya tidak mengalami kepupusan.

Rangers log book, I've been dreading. So many places we've visited, meaning more reports. I don't mind the fact of having to walk 7 km to discover more of Penang and maybe take a few snap shots, but preparing a log book just for it can sometimes BRING ABOUT MORE HEADACHES! =)

There are those times when after having too much to do, you shut people off completely. Closing off any means of wanting to feel happy. It numbs you and your emotions altogether.

I don't want to be that person.

I'll try not to be that person?

crying out for consistency.

Those days when studying was not optional.

It was sordid and tiring to say the least and yet, as much as I knew I could've put in a little more effort in this term, I was far too astute and confident thinking I'd be better off recapping back everything in a matter of hours.

Smooth move, Sharon. But most definitely the wrong one.

Moving onto a lighter note,

now that exams are over and done with,

the stress level which has been incrementing the past couple of weeks due to extra assignments, school work, church priorities would be shrinking its way down into the bottomless of all bottomless pits!

Tomorrow's a brand new day. One which doesn't include lack of sleep, burning the midnight oil to memorize definitions on bio, chemistry...worst still Physics.

I'll be back with a better post.


my dented wall.

No... Exams are yet to be over.
But the sudden thought sprang up into my mind like it was God-sent.
So I'm taking the liberty to dedicate this post to many of you kiddies, teenagers, middle agers, folks and seniors who're currently going through a pretty rough time, who're soaking in your own hurts and pains which have brought you nothing more but misery, who're lacking perseverance and are wanting to give up as it wouldn't make a difference.
At this time, when you might be struggling to steer yourself towards the opposite direction of these obstacles, know that you are not alone. God is with you through the good and the bad. And it's through these situations which we are placed in, where lessons in life can be learnt. Where we'd realize in the passing of time, that these obstacles of such were there to strengthen us, so that when other problems arise in the mere future, we will be well prepared for the worst.

little by little.
Every second, every minute, every hour, every day brings me closer to my midyear exams.

DARN those study books which i have evil intentions on burning them with my cooking stove!