if you could change the way things are.
the small things in life.
I anticipated for a sudden inspiration to appear out of nowhere from that small noggin' of mine for another blog post. And as much as it might not be her birthday, but she deserves a personal shout out, just to show her how much she means to not just me, but everyone else.

So here's to you, Sarah Khoo Yoong Wei (if I got that right...) - friend, manasseh-nite (I still count you in), floorballer, captain baller, personal chauffeur when I'm desperate, tom-yam partner, and by far the best female player for the sought after game, Left 4 Dead.

The years have gone by, like a minute hand going through an hour on a clock and never have I regretted having you as a friend. Though we might not have our own special childhood memory, but those significant moments during our adolescent years can never be replaced.

A thousand thank you's will only suffice for all the joy and laughter we've shared together, as friends. The times when we'd be going on about how we wanted tom-yam for supper while others were being indecisive on the location for our usual supper routines after youth, the funny talks we had in the car when you were driving me home, the spontaneity we did by doing all those creative poses in snap shots and just about everything which I can never think of now.

I thank God for you. And as the years go by, I hope that this genuine friendship we have now will continue to remain...You knock my socks off, KUTU!

Inside joke : Please fetch me homeeee!

everything I should be.
I tend to think about :

1) Chocolate ice cream with extra thick chocolate topping and nuts sprinkled on top.

2) How I need another hair cut.

3) Tomorrow.

4) My past and how far I've come through.

5) My achievements and goals.

6) How scary butterflies are.

7) The future and what lies ahead of me.

8) People.

When it comes to physics exercises, I have the tendency to procrastinate on completing it. To think, it's getting incredously challenging and might I add, the amount of formulas and funny looking symbols which I'm pretty confident I wouldn't be exercising in the next 10 years time, are incrementing rapidly. Then again, without the knowledge of physics, there wouldn't be bridges and tall-looking buildings with strong foundations which are competent to withstand heavy weights, is there? Did I ever mention today's, rambling day? And I know how readers wouldn't be too keen on me murmuring over and over again on how physics and I aren't exactly working out...

Moving on,

Choral speaking practises have become a usual routine. And to tell you the frightful truth, I enjoy having to run through the whole script and back to the top again! 4 Science 1 sure didn't have it the easy way out. With only given 3 weeks to select a non-obscure script, we managed to find the perfect one. And though it might've been a little last minute, I think we're on the verge of not embarassing ourselves on stage?

...This is the song about colors?

You see them all around!

There is red on the traffic light,

Green on the trees...

Darn! I'd best be on my way before I start.

bring on the rain if you must.
Changes. As much as I wish this wasn't true, but changes really are inevitable in life. Changes are bound to occur every once in a while. Be it temporarily or permanently. I for one, hate change. I dwell on my past habits, love my old routines and despise the way how they tend to change every now and then through the passing of time. But then again, maybe they aren't so bad after all. Maybe, through changes in life, lessons will be learnt. I believe that God places all these for a reason and for a purpose. In one way or another, i guess, it's to strengthen us in many areas of our lives?

21st of March 2009.

Andrew talked about faith today. And truly, without having to listen to something so powerful which I believed has impacted us all for the better, and to make us realize that faith is important and is required in each and everyone of us if we want to be an irresistible influence to the world.

This post really isn't getting anywhere but I guess it comes as a result to someone who hasn't been an active blogger. Considering all the times I've been cramming physics facts into my head just to get through a monthly test which i must say was rather...okay?

Bee stings can be harmful! And the funny thing is, you'd never know when you'd get stung by a bee. Of all the odds, it might even allow you to escape from all the NS training and talks except to make you lie down on the sick bed till you feel much better!

Did I mention how the Crimson Chin in Fairly Odd Parents (a cartoon programme which must've been created by a genius) is creeping me out? That overly large chin of a super hero's...Gahh! It gives me the shivers. And to make matters worse, it's RED! Hot, STRIKINGLY-YOU CAN NEVER MISS IT-RED! Then again, I'm getting a little too old to be watching illogical kiddy programmes which never sum up to anything beneficial for your brain.

Darn those bees and their stings!