if you could change the way things are.
the things we do.
To give you all readers out there a 'taste' on what's happening.

The cow's been rather occupied with everything lately. As much as it has been an exciting school-less week, but things/tasks are starting to pile up as usual. Excluding the studying part.

Junior Youth Band has been pretty awesome. With the upcoming arrival of little ones and maybe not-so-little ones, they've made this whole saturday-9.00a.m. activity a very enjoyable one! Here's to Sarah Wong who's been rocking on the drums and Marilyn Kee on the bass!

Junior Youth Retreat. Who would think that Indy could talk that much? And Zeph has an amount of self esteem which would reach the heavens! Who would think you'd get to fix a broken toilet, especially when it doesn't flush? Who would think you'd have the opportunity to show Eu-Jeen your super strength as you can push a van till it starts to move? Who would think you'd break into a lobby through the kitchen window to start jamming with the guitars? I'd tell you who...NO ONE!

Theme Night - I can't say it wasn't fun cause...looking back, it really was. It could've been a little gruesome especially when you're trying to yank out that brain of yours for more ideas, finding keys to the store room with a broken heel! But as much as it could've been a complete mess, I've enjoyed myself to the fullest. And I hope the rest of you had too!

Youth Camp's around the corner. Christmas would soon pass and school would re-open! Ahhh...life. Feels a little fast.

numbers on my wall


I'm back.

With little to say.

I'll wait till something surprising comes up.

Then I'll let the whole world know.

For now, I'll fade away.

Smile Smile Smile
11th Novemeber 2008

Sharon Leow Hsin Yuek is bored to death.
With nothing in mind, but just some animal sitting next to her who's halfway reading a book which corrupts one's mind with those poisonous, better yet interesting contents in that silly book of hers.
Take away all the boredom for good.
They don't deserve to be present here in this musty-like, carpeted, computer room which I find the internet is rather dim.
YEPPP! I did call her an animal. Not only with her over-sized hair which seems to be dangling down like an old hag who's never had a haircut in her whole entire lifetime, pimples which look like craters on the planet we call 'moon'
Is it even a planet to begin with?!
I like SATURN. The name sounds preeeettyyy interesting.
I hope they don't have craters!
Besides the whole, very disgusting exterior of her's which I enjoy mocking, she's an awesome friend to tell you the truth.
AWESOME why? You may ask?
It's simple!
Teasing her all day long without being confronted is something I most defenitely awesome!
I like the word AWESOME!
Sounds like the name AUSTIN!
Gay tho! But still a name.
Austin sounds like some guy with tight pants which would stretch up all the way from his bottom, with a baggy shirt with sleeves. All covered in glittery sequins!
Wouldn't that just make all the girls go 'WHOOOOOH!!!'?!
If it did, then I'm not a girl.
I find it rather unflattering, in my opinion!
Even Zac Efron with his SO CALLED 'BLUE-EY EYES' which would make all the girly girls go GOOOOOHHH GOOOOOOHHH GAAAAHHH GAAAAHHH- would outdo Austin-mister-stretchy-pants anytime!

To all you readers out there, this was done out of pure boredom!

School's reaching to an end, finally!

I could be a million miles away and you'd still know.
You think you know me well?
Think again!

I'm back! Miss me anyoneeeee? =)