if you could change the way things are.
first star that I saw last night was a headlight_
'Get a dictionary, look up the word 'friends' - you'll be able to find our picture [sharon/yany] there. Not literally, but yeah. It's the 30th, and we all know what that means.

My birthday shoutout to: chewyany

She's finally turned 15- [but trust me! If you ever saw her in person, you'd think she's abt 17?]

She's super tall, well, taller than me that is. Her height makes her look super gorgeous. No guy can ever resist that ayy? HAHAH!

So, she's got the looks. But what stands out the most is her personality. Somewhat like the girl next door. Always there to lend a helping hand to others in need. She's 'yourcure' if you're feeling a little down. By hearing her laugh, and seeing her smile is more than enough to cheer any person up.

Yan's been one heck of a friend. Sure, we've ended up in quarrels and maybe a few arguements [most when we were little] But we'll always end up being friends again...

Thanks for everything chewyany! - ROCK on...and Happy Birthday.

On the other hand,

-this'll be the last post till next year. Thought of adding a few old pictures and maybe not so old pictures to cherish all of those memories.

I've been blessed this whole year round...

with- take for instance,

funny friends, crazy friends, friends who'll make you laugh till you've got cramps in your tummy, friends who'll stick with you no matter what happens, friends with available shoulders to cry on, friends who'll finish up your leftover food if you're feeling full?, friends who stay up the whole night if you don't feel like sleeping, friends-with-painful teeth-after-a-dentist appointment who'll call you up if you're having a dilemma-

Ahh I'm trying to include some random stuff here...but aduhhh you get what I mean don'tcha? I don't really have to name em all out but gee, if I did- it'll be a long list, that's for sure.

So yeah, blessed with friends- ...this year has been great, as in seriously.

Oh sure, there's been some 'downs' in my life- but who doesn't get them? Yeah, challenges, obstacles, big stumbling blocks, tall mountains...ahh get the picture? And maybe sometimes, you wished you hadn't had taken that path which will lead to all those bad happenings- you wished you would have been a little smarter then, and not that stupid. But ahh that's life- everything happens for a reason and I guess it was what meant to be. [P.S. - sharonleow tends to rant till some of her sentences doesn't really make any sense, so just bear with it aight'] Life's one heck of a rollercoaster, and this one has been going up and down and well, it'll soon reach it's destination.

I'm fine...I'm happy...I'm not depressingly sad anymore...HAHA! *cheers* I've made it through all those bad happenings, I've finally picked myself up when I fell into that deep dark hole. I tried and tried and TRIED and this time I got it right. But I couldn't have done it all without the helping hand of God. Heck, it's true! He's always there for me and right now, I'm just feeling sooooo blessed ;]

MEMORIES, loads of em' - programmed in my head actually.
-MaeYune's and some of my sleepovers...
-Digi Celebriteen
-YouthCamp 2007
-and ahh...Christmas
Did I miss anything out? heheh, but so far, that's all I've got.
...happynewyear everyone.

;;lots of love;;


till next year =]

running in circles_
Just so you know, Sharon Leow has finally found her cam cable and it was under her computer table all along. Darn.

I'll just go ahead with the pictures, there's nothing much to talk about these days...

PRAYER & FAST > YouthCamp.

-A bunch of us headed up to Penang Hill. A 2 day/1 night thing. It was one heck of a retreat. I mean seriously! I couldn't stop laughing the whole time up there.

Has anyone ever heard of the phrase "birds of a feather, flock together" ?
...has anyone every heard of GERALD'S phrase "monkeys of the same fur, swing together". Guess not.

-CANDID shot, what was Justin thinking of actually standing right in front of the cam and posing something like that?!

Captivated by God's Love...
Yeah! and that was what happened- I was Captivated...the fireBRANDS were captivated.
His Love is real! and it's just so much.
Arrhhh! Just get your b*** to the next YouthCamp, then you'll know what I mean by that.

~Aishi Aishi...teru teru...Aishi teru...we LOVE you~
Yeah we do love you, HECK' how else could we have gotten 1st?!
If you ever wondered why room 225 and 226 were ever so noisy in Harvard?...it's because all these young ladies in the following 3 snapshots are HIGH...

We laugh 24/7 and we're just so hyper sometimes in the middle of the night.

-Best Male Camper//Marilyn...and in addition to the picture...doesn't the background just brighten the picture up??? there's two great looking people right behind!

The perfect Family Portrait. Mommy Joyce and Auntie Nicole
This snapshot was taken by some anonymous person...seriously! Have you tried taking at a better angle, the lighting's kinda bad...heheh

- a little different this year. Nothing like going out chirstmas caroling with great friends on Christmas Eve, and well- heading out to McD after that?

So that's bout it, i guess? Ho-humm...it was great having to see familiar faces on Christmas Eve. A little different than all the other Christmas Eve's I've had so far. But it's been tonnes of fun.
...signing out... more to come

gone, like Elvis and his mom_
A brand new year coming up ahead. Just thought that I needed a new change in style-? Which includes this brand new layout which I found oh-so-accidentally on the net.

- It isn't the average sharon's layout- [this one doesn't include any orange this time!] heh- it's kinda plain if you ask me...but I don't mind 'plain'.

OHH! and no more Colbie Caillat's - The Little Things' will come out from your speakers anymore. Take a look, brand new song! And it's kinda nice...i'm hooked on this song at the moment.

still waiting_
TAGBOARD replies >

> maeyune!
-MAEYUNE, womaannn...you're finally back from China. Can't wait to go out again. Ahh! Shall we continue on our shoe hunt in Gurney?

> wei-lynn
- yes we're lucky...i mean seriously! how can 3 close friends be in the same group in YouthCamp. That is waayyy FINAL LEVEL! hahah

> SamC
- Sammy, a thousand apologies for not attending your family christmas party! I'll make it up to you...Steffi, I promise.

> joshua
- yeah mann! whenever i have the time to update. I'm currently feeling real lazy to do so. Heheh. =]

- Heyy nab! merry christmas to you too... thanks for being ever so thoughtful to be tagging my blog at uhh 1.22 a.m.

-right back at yeah!

- hey mommy! can't wait to go out with you soon. Whenever that is =D

-Aiii, best male camper ayy? - hahah rock on dude...oh and thanks for the encouragement the other day...ahh you know when!

- heyy you! yeah will do soon.

- miss loke! thanks so much...heheh will update as soon as possible.

>Pastor Victor
- Hey, I've been doing great...getting better each day. HAHAH. Thanks for asking btw.

The long and awaited POST WILL BE UP SOON...whenever sharon's turn into the opposite of lazy.

all that we needed_
'love is overrated...true love isn't'

Right now, I'm feeling rather insecure...the funny thing is, I don't know why.

Having sleepless nights are not my thing, but it was just that one time-
[that one time= yesterday] I couldn't help but to think about everything that has occured for the past few months. Scenes have been replaying in my head the whole time, and it just struck me as how lucky I am to have...

Friends you can count on and who'll always be at your side whenever you're feeling a little down, checking up on you to see if you're feeling okay, 'certain friend[s]' that are understanding and sometimes might be the only person who understands what you're going through the whole entire time no matter how complicated your life would be...

And then there are times when you think you had it all, but then everything suddenly fades away. Before you know it- there's completely nothing left. Just you and well, the whole world against you.

I've stumbled, I've fallen down into that deep, dark hole...and I'm still wondering whether if it's still possible that I'll ever pick myself up again and start moving on. So maybe I am suppose to look on the brighter side of things..."start smiling and laughing" like how Andrew calls it. It may all look so easy to accomplish, but nu-uhh, it's hard...harder than you can ever imagine.

I've tried, believe me...I've tried. Maybe I didn't try hard enough?

how can you be sure?_
'I don't know'

A phrase which I've been using for the past [state how many] weeks. Some people ask 'why', some people ask 'how' ...I give them a straight answer... I don't know- Okay, I'm predicting that you people out there'll be wondering what I'm actually portraying here? but uhh, the answer is - I don't know?! Hmmm, how shall I put it? Things are a little different these days and it won't ever be the same like it used to. And maybe I'm just in a state of confusion at this point of time, still wondering what to do and all. Trying to cope with the frustation, everything that's been lost and thinking to myself, is this all a dream, cause if it is, I need to get out of this whole nightmare?- OKAY, this is seriously getting no where, but arrh...I don't know...

To the happier side of things,

It's great having to see old friends again, and seeing them all just brings back all the memories. Headed to Gurney in the afternoon with Mae, Hui, Chan, Sam and Megan. And I gotta hand it to Disney' - For the first time in ages, I've been able to laugh my butt off the chair the whole time in the cinema while watching Enchanted'. I'm serious- and yeah, the show's really funny...You can definitely tell by the way, I got hooked onto the theme song of the movie. HAH

Sleepovers are fun. Thanks MaeYune and Megan- You girls mean alot to me, and without you on Saturday night, would've been boring. So we didn't really actually got to the part where we start talking till morning...heh! But watching a movie which involves Scarlett and Chris Evans was kinda interesting especially when you'll be sitting next to Megan who could not sit still during the whole movie when she sees uhh...I shall not go into the details.

My dear MaeYune slept right after the movie- and well, who could blame her? She had Jap. exams the next day...So while she was sleeping, Megan was doing her own thing, and well, I was staring out into space...As you can see, we were bored.

Eventually sneaked out. Took a stroll downstairs. And it kinda led to other impossible things which you can never think of...HAHAH- but yeah, I had fun.

Last but not least, [I know I'm too late...]

Happy Belated Birthday
Joshua Tan
-thanks for everything you've done- you rock!