if you could change the way things are.
the other side of the story

10 things I noticed today :
1) Phone battery was 10% lower than it was the day before.
2) Geography answer sheet for monthly test 2 would be gone forever.
3) This is my 17th jab since the 4th of August '93
4) I love the sensation of having an injection! It kills the stress away?
5) Breakfast was lesser than usual.
6) I wear orange shirts too frequently.
7) Vanilla ice cream is good for lunch.
8) Edward and Bella are getting more mushy-err than ever!
9) I need more sleep.
10) I miss your smile?

Radioactive cows milk might just get the best of yeah
To all those gooohh-gooohh-gaahh-gaahh fans of Twilight's main cast, to be more specific, the vampire of a guy who could shape-shift colours in his eyes, read your thoughts (what happens if you're HORNY and you're thinking the wrong way?!), strong just like superman with nothing on but a tight suit which makes his stomach look funny and tight 'youknowwhat's' which make his butt look big, Edward Cullen. If you think Edward Cullen is HOT? Well think again! Cause the following picture you're about to observe is HOTTER than any Edward Cullen you can find in the world...




take a few deep breaths...








brace yourself...

NOW THIS IS HOTTT!!! With capital letters inserted into the term HOT!

Now wouldn't you like to agree with me?!!! You don't see Edward Cullen having milk shoot out from those 'milkproducingglands' of his as an advantage for taking out the bad guys do you! All HE has are fangs which don't actually make a huge difference. Pluse, cows have horns the size of duck bills! (note. this dumb boob of a cow has no horns. I don't know why) They could break people apart!

Moving on to something more logical than Sharon's Theory on 'How Cows Are Way Hotter Than Muscular-Good-For-Nothing-Vampires'...

School has been pretty stressful lately.

Guess it comes with the package when you're busy poisoning your brains with facts and information from study subjects.

Geography Trials has been keeping me up all evening to study and study. And I've even lost count on who's winning this and that on the Olympics Channel. Now that Geography's over and done with. Feels like I have all the time in the world.

Nametags are driving me nuts! Gives me the headaches as I have to keep track of students in school who haven't got their nametags stuck on their pinafores. Take their names down. Confirm with them. Confirm again with prefects in charge of their specific classes.

And well, today was another one of the eventful days in school.

Puan Annie and another one of her sweet ideas on taking the 'most-behaved class' out from school to Gurney Plaza as a treat for us.

And NOOOO! We weren't there for the shoes in Vincci that some of the students hoped for. World Vision had some project going on. An awareness on HIV/AIDS. And I must comment, with just a small space right at the centre court of Gurney, they could come up with something a little more complex.

With just a small MP3 player as a speaker and state of the art headphones, you were taken into a journey of 3 young lives whom have all experienced family crisis', poverty and etc. 3 stories which would make you tear up just by looking at the pictures, props and most importantly, listening to the speaker in the MP3 player.

End of journey. Continues on with the 'Reflection Room'. You sit down on the empty bench in the middle of the 4 walls with faces of young and old who've been HIV positive. A little girl with watery eyes caught my attention. And well, it was saddening la.

And I could write more, honestly. But exhausted as I am, after hogging the computer the whole entire evening, I think I'd stop here.

So yeah, DO SOMETHING! We have only one life. Do something and make a change.

nametags for nameless people
Goodmorning, world.

You wear those shoes and I will wear that dress.

Red Crescent blows you off the ground.

It's a procession in, for pete's sake. Have a little compassion.

Strike up the band and make the fireflies dance

Are we using the old timing or the newer one?

Sharon, this is how you play it!!!


What homework do we have again?

Silver moon's sparkling

He was looking out the window right before you came.

Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

Have you had your lunch?

Beneath the milky twilight

Betsy the COW!

How do you do it?

I'm trying to study here.

Lead me out on the moonlit floor

He's bloating up like a big, fat balloon. What are we to do?

Rubberducky and a bar of soap, perhaps?!

Taste like starbucks?

I've had enough!

Down by the broken tree house

Long-term gastric's, SO LONG!

I'm sorry? =)

15 chapters of my life
So it's been a year already.

Time really does fly with full speed and a rocket blaster to give it full force?

And well, there are times where I'd stare right in front of the mirror and start comparing on how I'd looked like the previous year and the current one.

A big difference, to tell you the truth.

Looking back on the whole entire year, I've noticed how there've been many enjoyable events, many happy moments, many bad happenings, many memorable phases in my life. All which've made me into a stronger person than I was before.

I smiled and had smile muscle cramps. I laughed till I had tummy aches. I cried streams of tears. I had my fun-times. I had my not-so-fun times. I tried my best. I was rejected. I lost friends. I made new friends. At times, I felt like the happiest person alive. And some other times, I'd feel like I didn't deserve to live anymore. Happy moments. Sad moments.

All of which I couldn't have gone through without the helping hand of many friends. So here's to all of you who've always been thoughtful ones, who've always tried your best to make me smile.

And everynow and then. I thank God for all of you! I thank God for making me special. For making my life special. Making my life worthwhile with friends who care, family members who love me to the fullest.

So here's a post specially dedicated to all of you. Thank you.

You people rock my world.