if you could change the way things are.

Gosh! I'm bored. There's nothing much to do around here at home. Trying to find the right time to get out of d house. Yikes...anyone willing to take me anywhere haha *swtt*. I've practically been on the computer for like...mhhmm..i dunno...bout like 5 hours??? and i'm still bored. Can't wait to go watch POTC 3 *Pirates of the Carribean* on Friday ehehe...with fwens owh yea!!!~ and i'm gonna get a new hair cut *woots*...mhhhhmmm...still thinking of wert style to cut...owh wellzzz i'll just let my friends decide it for me tsk tskk...tshhh...

Till Then

- sharon -

Window Shopping in QueensBay with my auntie and mom ( well, technically they really ain't my auntie and mum) * lmao*. Yesh! It's not everyday i get to go out with them. {If you're wondering who they are, they're just my two really really good fwens: nicole tan gek len and joyce lim}. It kinda was a last minute thing but it all worked out well. While my dad and my lil' bro went to the cinema to watch SPIDERMAN 3, the 3 of us went window shopping, well at least me and nicole did { joyce bought some nail polish }. We were REALLY HUNGRY then, so we had our dinner really early =)). Me and Nicole had errrmmm...uhhhmmm...whassdat...owh ryte !~ Ipoh Hor Fun while Joyce had her Nissin Noodles { and it seriously tastes like Maggi Mee } yummy'. Of course, it wouldn't be fun eating our dinner without vaining and to NICOLE, it kinda is a crime if we don't take any snap shots during tht trip. *swtt*

After our tummies were full-up. We went to P n Co. {our first stop}. We tried on this giraffe pattern shirt and it looks dang' good on all 3 of us *lmao*{ well at least i think so } =P

NEXT STOP- TOPSHOP- phew, the clothes there were awesome BUT expensive. Aikzzz...the shirt tht I'm wearing cost bout like RM 89.90 ??? my mom would totally kill me if i come back home buying this extremely expensive shirt without her permission.. eheheh. I bet i would be grounded for the rest of my life.

3rd shop = MnA....the dresses there were perfect for tea parties hahaha.According to Nicole, Joyce didn't want to be in the picture ehehe. We really look a thousand bucks when we were wearing this dress *swtt*.

NEXT shop- GEB- Nicole call this shop, the really weird shop hahha =))

5th stop- ESPRIT
Ehehe Nicole wanted the 'I LOVE DANCING' shirt really badly but it costed much more than she expected.We couldn't help laughing when we were taking all those snap shots in the changing room.

Last stop for the day- GAP.
The clothes there were fantastic-Yeppp ...i wanted tht jacket but it cost ehehe RM 229.00...hahas, some other day i guess, when the fairy god mother appears right infront of my face and hands me RM 229.00!!! now tht would be the day.

We had loadzzz of fun while we were there ehehe and joyce says i'm gonna have 56 kids when i grow up !!!~ *swtt* . It's kinda some game we made up. hahaha
So yeppp- that's bout all. Till next time.

[KULIM trip]- V had tonnes of fun there. Ehehe. We kinda were divided into two cars haha and one gurl had to go into the guys car *swtt*. We couldn't really decide so Yan-Y volunteered herself ehehe.
{Ming Yen, Shiau Xian, ME, and Joyce} -Pastor Heok Cheow's car
{Yan, Samuel, Aaron, and Nehemiah}- Pastor Cowan's car
We gurls had loadzzz of fun in Pastor Heok Cheow's car. V started imitating Shakira's voice on the radio hahaha { to all Shakira fan's...no offence yea =))} owh yea !!!~ we started to sing-along with fergie in her song GLAMOROUS!!! *swtt* ...v gurls were laughing the whole way to Kulim. I kinda guessed it tht Pastor Heok Cheow was kinda getting annoyed by our singing ehehhee =)
EVERYTHING WENT according to plan. Worship was gr8, Pastor Cowan's sermon was great too !~ And yea!!!~ i vained alot! *lmao*. There was this CUTE LIL' boy ehehehe...and thankz to Gerald's influence, the lil' boy kept on saying 'Yay!' while giving the thumbs up sign, so we decided to follow him tee hee...tsk tsk. SUPPER!!!~ was yummy =P we went to this coffeeshop called '123' and the food their was DARN GOOD ! Yeppers, tht's bout all. {The only person missing was MIN MIN...aikkzzz. Where were you????!}

Special thankz to YAN-Y for letting me steal some of your pics eheheheh
- S H A R O N-

S H A R O N is soooooo bored ryte now. HAHA so i decided to do those ehehe...{the one on the right bottom, ain't true. Don't get the wrong idea haha}
The bottom ones were done by the one-and-only SHARON...and d rest on top were done by Le Anne.
Cool aite'???
-S H A R O N-


Whoopee! can't wait for tonight ehehe...FIREBRANDS WORSHIP TEAM (well some of em') are going to KULIM yipeee...

i am so gonna post pictures up after the trip, well if i'm going to bring my cam. *grins* but most probably yesh if i don't forgett=))

-S H A R O N-


Finally the 'stress' is OVER..Now i can totally laze around at home and do anything besides studying!~


MGS'ians celebrated teachers day yesterday...and it was a total BLAST !!! yeepppers it was gr8 actually. There was like a whole bunch of my friends who didn't had anything better to do so we decided to play HIDE AND SEEK. Nothing like the good ol' days *smiles* eheee...we were kinda rusty when we were playing Hide and seek tho...our 'so called' hiding spot wasn't really that good heehee...within a matter of minutes..we were all FOUND *LoL* and we were all hiding in the same spot. MAN ~ we suck at playing hide and seek. =))

2BIRU rawks !!!~ eheehee

-S H A R O N-

BOREDOM strikes again!~ This is like the second post for the day and actually this proves it that i'm seriously bored ~YIKES *grins* i need tah get a hobby.

AMERICAN IDOL RESULTS ~: JORDIN won...Aikzzz...Blake shud be the one standing on the stage getting the 'effin' contract thingy' BUT JORDIN got it!!!! No way...I'm feeling really sad ryte now..*yadahyadahyadahyadah* but i guess it's kinda a good thing blake didn't win cos if he did...he has to sing really CHEESY songs for american idol' {well tht's what my friend said}

So what if BLAKE din't win...hey!~ look at ELLIOT YAMIN ...he didn't win too but he has his own album. So Thumbs up for Blake Lewis !~YOU RAWK

F.R.E.E.D.O.M at last ~ yay =) no more exam nerves=) i've got seriously nothing to do ryte now. *currently feeling bored* here's somemore pictures hehe...i've got more...but maybe next time. For Now~ here's some from Sammy's birthday.

I'm seriously kinda surprised how all of our BIG HEADS got into the small snap shot.
Sammy Tang, Sharon, Megan, and Mae' love em' all {p.s. gonna miss you gurls during the hols}

Me and my Dear Sammy...Love you LotS!~
AWWHH~huggies i'm the fugly one in the pic *grins*

GROUP PICTURE!!!~ we truly are vain ppl

Happy Birthday Sammy Chong !~ owh i LOVE the cake yummy...someday, i'm gonna get lemon meringue for my birthday

birthday gurl and me 'i'm next to the future BOWLER-of-penang'

Czen.Me.and the-whaa-...whassdat???i think it's a dogX))

Awh GREAT!~ who forgotten to put the camera into the 'unflash' mode???!

Yeppp and that concludes my pictures on Sammy's birthday...hope yea enjoyed it
-S H A R O N-