if you could change the way things are.

I shouldn't be posting anything up. Well, not anymore actually- My exams are around the corner, So SUE ME if I didn't try not to post anything.

"Do you want to hook up with my neighbour?" - Mhhm, that catchy phrase has been everywhere actually. __&& - We all know what it means, no ? Well some of us DO know the meaning of that particular phrase but because I'm such a loyal friend [HAH! as iff.], I shall not ruin this piece of very- very INTERESTING information.

Okaayy, so I should really start to hit the books right now, but I can't! ["2x+64=4x6"...and the never ending formulas...arrh! They're all stuck in my head] Life has been a total drag these days, thanks to all those really boring facts in Geography and History text books. I could study for 5 hours and if I'd ever been asked a question like : "So...what did you learn in your History text book today?" by my mom-
That voice in my head would be nagging : "YEAH SHARONN! WHAT DID YOU LEARN HUH???!!!- DIDN'T YOU SPEND 5 HOURS READING IT???!!!"


Mhhm- I shall try to be more optimistic at least, weelll- if other people can do it, so can I! That voice in Sharon's head: "THAT'S THE SPIRIT! Now, GO STUDY!"

Ahh crap! Now I'm just being seriously lame- HAH! *Mind the lame-ness*

New equation : LAMENESS + RANDOM-NESS = ???

Awwwhhhkay, I shall just stop here, I'd better get back to the books now- Darn Ittt! 1 whole month till freedom- Heyy, I should start a countdown, 4 more weeks till freedom...

~I try and try to understand the distance and between.

The love I feel the things I fear and every single dream.

I can finally see it.

Now I have to believe all those precious stories.~


__this post was inspired by HoeMaeYune__

Quote of the day, "Stoopid, stoopid, stoopid- and you know what? - YOU'RE STOOPID!" Hui Mei
Yeah, I've been commented by Hui Mei during break time and she started saying the word "stoopid" a whole lot of times...I can't actually count how many actually XD
Due to the fact tht MGS had SPM trials today, there were no lessons held in the class except HISTORY! Of all subjects, it had to be Sejarah>. Ahh! So while teacher was teaching us bout Mat Salleh and -thesomebodyelse-who-got-hanged-upside-down??? * I shall not explain the details further aite'? , I was paying much more attention to my KH homework.
More random conversations: Computer lab:
MaeYune: I can't believe Reese Witherspoon
HuiMei: She was with Ryan Phillipe...
MaeYune: No, then later she was with JAKE GYLLENHAAL...
MaeYune: Now she's got none of em'
Sharon: HUH???!!! Reese Witherspoon is a nun???!!!
~That's how blur I've been the whole day actually...~
&& MEGAN CHEAH! where were you???!!!
There now, steady love, so few come and don't go
Will you won't you, be the one I'll always know
When I'm losing my control, the city spins around
You're the only one who knows, you slow it down
It's always have and never hold
You've begun to feel like home
What's mine is yours to leave or take
What's mine is yours to make your own

__my random thoughts__
Sooooo, 'thecombandthedino' updated already, I guess it's my turn to do so, then.

-This shall be my last post till after exams- unless I actually have the inspiration to write something else??? Ahh, HECK!


-Seriously, without friends like Mae Yune and Megan- you'll most probably die [as in LITERALLY]. They're both bundles of joy, no??? HAH! They'll light up your life when you're sadd...So yeehh! Where was I?

Ahh - random thoughts, random conversations with mae and megan-

Thursday: Assignment for Science- trace out pictures of animals and cut em' out.

MaeYune drew a rabbit! HAH! At least she thought it was a rabbit...who's the 'it' i'm talking bout- Well, it's the one and only nutty hamster just right below.

[state conversation]:

Mae Yune: I'm drawing the really cute rabbit from Lilo and Stitch

Sharon: Dear, it's not a RABBIT! It's a hamster...

Mae Yune: It's a rabbit - look at the long ears...

Sharon: Heloooo! It's name is HAMSTERviel [I looked up the name]- HAMSTER??? It's just probably one bad mutated hamster...

Mae Yune: Ohhh!

MATH! This is what happens when the cam is just next to your study table?- It took me 2 whole friggin' hours to solve all of em' problems XD

Ahh! And this is what happens when you don't get a single darn thing you're doing. I can't make out how do you get a 90 degrees angle with the position from both the points...&& - I'm lost???

&. ♪ [ the mixed tape. ] ` маe yune. } ♥ says:

alright, remember to say that maeyune is awesome.

&. ♪ [ the mixed tape. ] ` маe yune. } ♥ says:

.. or i'll kill you in your sleep.

&. ♪ [ the mixed tape. ] ` маe yune. } ♥ says:


sharon __ says:


I've been tagged by my 'greatest-partner-ever-lived' [maeyune]. Since I've only got 7 minutes more before I hit the books again, I decided to do the tag.

1. The tag victim has to come up with 8 different points about his/her perfect lover.
2. Have to mention the gender of his/her perfect lover.
3. Tag eight other victims to join this game and leave a comment on their blog.
4. If you are tagged the second time, there is NO need to do this again.
5. Lastly, and most importantly, HAVE FUN DOING IT.

Mhhm- 'have fun doing it...have funn doing itt...' Got that! Oooh, this is one tough tag, I mean seriously- I never actually sat down and think bout all this. HECK, I'm just fourteen. There's a whole lotta time to think. Ahh! But since I'm already here, I shall just start brain storming.
[1.] Personality comes first, Looks come in second?
Is that s'pose to be a statement or what ??? Ahh! Whatev's- Anywaayyss, what I mean is- Someone who actually takes the time to like you for who you really are in the 'inside' and not by how you look or how you dress...and all that other shizz. It's kinda a rarity these days to find guys like that.- Unless, I was blind all along.
[2.] Someone who has a mega-gigantic great sense of humour.
Yehh! That's itt- someone who actually has a great sense of humour??? Someone who would cheer you up and assure you 'everything's gonna be awhhkaay' when the world's about to crush down on you [not literally]
and make you laugh due to saying a really random joke or some funny statement. Which girl wouldn't want that from a guy?
[3.] He's just different and not afraid of showing who he really is inside.
'I can be surrounded by a sea of people and still feel all alone...then I see you'
He's different from the rest of the group???- Someone who's actually proud of being who he is and doesn't really give a d*** thing what his friends think bout him. I've got issues with guys who actually have low self esteem -hah! He's someone who wouldn't be afraid of showing who he really is inside that [state adjective] exterior.
[4.] Someone's who's optimistic...[well maybe sometimes]
I can't sleep without knowing there's hope.
Half the night i waste in sighs.
In a wakeful doze I sorrow.''
Mhhm...he's the person who actually thinks on the bright side of things. Yehh! Someone who doesn't think 'oh! the world is black- we should all just die now!' Ahh! I am after all little miss sunshine, no??? She spreads happiness and joy throughout the whole world~ LaLaLa
[5.] LOVES GOD!!!
That title just says it all larrhhh.
Uhh, I can't really think anymore. My brain hurts! *seriously...speaking* Mhhm- So I haven't got the 8 points, I still need 3 actually- But I'm still young...I've got time to rethink bout this again when I'm actually much older.
I shall tag : Justin, Yan [after PMR?], Charis, Joyce, Sarah Thum and all you people out there who actually wants to do itt =)
~till then__

__birthday shoutouts.__

;;Thanks for cheering me up when I'm down;;

;;Thanks for always being there for me;;

;;Thanks for being a real GREAT friend;;
You people rock my world you know that???!!!

[__you're superficial> I'm a MISFIT__]
SPEECH DAY 2007 >>>

Some serious candid photos we took for funn during speech day today- more to come ...

Ahh! I love this picture- We were NUTS while this photo was taken...I mean who stands on a table and stretch their hands out in the air while laughing like some freaky maniac???

Maybe that maniac ain't really that freaky...she got everyone to join in the act too yeah know???
Gucci's next top MODEL- special appearance...MEGAN CHEAH MAY ERN

Chanel's next top MODEL-... Yours truly [if only she didn't smile in that snapshot! arrhh!]

This was suppose to be some kind of scene where the hott guy attracts all the girls!!! But we couldn't stop laughing XD

I ended up bursting into laughter...I can never act EMO!!! Not even in this picture...Chandini thinks the whole picture is focussing on the cute chubby cheeks and not on the saddd face.

Awwhhkaay, enough of all those happy pictures- Back to the words and not the candid photos.
SECRETS. That's one big word actually don'tcha think so??? Like I said before, You can NEVER judge people...*stares into outer space* I mean, they're just acting like some really distant friend cause there might be something wrong and you'll never know what it is actually. I'm messed up actually. I take little things for granted yeah know??? and sometimes what I have, other people don't!- Arrrhh *note to self - be thankful for what I have [ although it may seem like such a small thing ]*

&&__ Happy BIRTHDAY MAGES!!!___

PROMUSICA @ Dewan Sri Pinang was a hit. Yeah, if you do appreciate OPERA singing as in real opera singing, GO FOR IT! The performers there are super professionals and they hit notes which normal people like me can't- HAH! && they have LOUD voices too which is a really good thing or we couldn't have heard a single thing they're singing.

and - guess who I met there-> my auntie NICOLE. She was there ushering the audience in. I guess tht's what CGL students have to do when this concert's to help CGL in whaat again??? fund raising??? Ahh well! It's worth it going to the concert and seeing my auntie ushering in her 'guides uniform' *smiles*

- This is what happens when you don't set the flash for your camera XD

Ohh! If you observe this picture properly, as in seriously stare at it although the picture's kinda blur- tht blond guy actually looks like PRINCE CHARMING in Shrek. And he has NICE hair you know??? Yeah! I fell in love with the guy's hair not the guy for once. His hair is super flippy and when he takes a bow, it flips alot *grins*

During the interval, Chandini's dance teacher's husband came up to her and said this > "I think you should call your parents now- rumor has it, there's gonna be a tsunami". When he said that we were like > " Haiyah! It won't happen one larrhh!- It's just some rumor"

Turns out, My dad messaged me during the concert and he sent me a text which said that there might be a tsunami HAH! and I was freaking out like crazy...Me and Megan ran out of the auditorium and started calling everyone from our phonebook list HEHE! We ain't 'chickens' or anything...but you might never know- Prevention is better than cure especially in this case.

Ahh but we had funn trying to figure out who would go to the beach at this time of the night and trying to figure out friend's cellphone numbers...mhhm. So yeah, it was an extremely funn night-
Ohh and did I mention- I got dimerited for talking during assembly *whooo big shocker there* HAH! Ahh- I feel so rejuvenated but sadd...HeH! I shall just earn my merit marks back then. No biggy.



And she's back again, with another short post, could it get any worse??? HEH! I've been abit caught up in my own world for the past few weeks and yeah, some of you may have taken notice of this drastic change in 'sharonn???' mhhm...I've been totally immature if you haven't notice. Ignoring other people is NOT something I usually do. And all I'm trying to do is just forget bout everything and move on but it's super duper harddd.
Maybe I just wanted closure??? whatever that means, but I just...arrhhh!...*it seems pretty clear that sharon has lost her mind* So yeah, it has been one hell of a week actually but I'll get the hang of it.

Oh...seems like I'm always on my own,
Seems like I'm never coming home
Seems like I'm always on my own...
All the stars and boulevards ain't close enough for you...

One last phone call from you, it wouldn't hurt much,
Just like to hear your voice and pretend to touch,
Any inch of you that hasn't said it all or read it all or sung
My life away


Uhh, I guess it's time to update again tho it'll just be a really short one. I've got to continue studying for my upcoming exams.

Ahh, where was I??


Yeah, from the title on top, you'd know what it is. Team building seminar was ohhkay...It was something to look forward to especially when it's the last activity you've got to do before school ends and reopens in 2 days time??? mhhm...I'm a lazy.bum. and I'mproudofit!

EH, and what-I've-learnt-in-this-half-day-camp is...yeah sure, I did learn bout working as a team and all that other blahh- but the most important thing I've learnt so far is NEVER.JUDGE.A.BOOK.BY.IT'S.COVER. - I mean seriously! Some people are not who you think they are...They're actually nice people and FUNN too. During this whole half day camp/seminar, I worked together with people I've never imagine getting along with yeah know ??? *smiles*

*note- I had no intention of following some other people doing this pose...actually this photo was snapped when I wasn't noticing.* - special thanks to Min-Wei for editing the whole thing.

&& did I mention HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL 2 isn't really that bad??? Yeah so they have a really cheesy plot that actually isn't that appropriate for 8 year olds HAH! but it's okay...


Happy 14th Birthday, Digi Celebriteen buddy-

Catch you in 12 hours time kay!

[People, I shall give you a really long update sooner or later]



Quote of the day: "You say you don't like him already right? Siapa termakan cili dia terasa pedas"

So I did promise to update din't I??? Hah! And I finally changed my layout- Thanks Mae for picking out the ORANGE layout-which-megan-thinks-it's-yellow...It's so so so so me...A-DUHH! It's orange and I can never resist orange...It just screams of happiness LoL*

Anywaayyysss...the other one actually wasn't nice with that whole 'STEP IN' SIGN which can only be opened if you're smart enough to click it and IT sucked pretty badd so I decided to change it. I mean it took me a WHOLE HOUR just to re-edit the friggin code and it just took me like 15 minutes to re-edit this one!

Phew...ahh well! I'll stick to the orange one for now....and a THOUSAND APOLOGIES if there actually IS something wrong with my blog. I shall try to figure out a way to re-edit it again. Hah! If I actually do have the time.
That I'm learning to breathe
I'm learning to crawl
I'm finding that You and
You alone can break my fall
I'm living again, awake and alive
I'm dying to breathe in these abundant skies

__ edited version of the comic strip__

"Life is shorter"-megan...sharon interupts "Shorter than you think..." So me and megan were having a really serious conversation in class today. Ever since his death [insert name], it has triggered my point of view about how I view life as...To me, life's just some really boring routine we go through every day. And it has been for me actually...I'm seriously messed up!- arrhh! This past week has been trashy actually and...and...from now on- I'm gonna make full use of my life...No more thinking that everyday is a BAD DAY and etc. So yeah, I do have ups-and-downs but I shall be like the little miss sunshine everyone thinks I am.

on the other hand...

Dear megancheahmayern,
[Lets start with the basics]- I've known you for almost 2 years now. 'The girl who can sing really good' - that's what I used to think bout you. We normally glance at each other during our choir practises last year. And it turns out you were friends with Chandini. So I guess that's how we became friends.

As year 2007 approached, I was transfered to the same class as you. And we started mingling more than we did the past year. Sure! There has been ups-and-downs in our friendship but we stuck with each other through thick and thin...*HAHA just like Friday and Robinson Crusoe aite`???*
Hah!...&& we started sharing secrets and telling what-happened-last week-in-church stories...Ahh- you know what I mean dont'you?

Thanks for :
[a] being a great friend the whole time.
[b] cheering me up when I'm down which practically happened everyday in school. [You and MaeYune are super-duper awesommmeee]
[c] all those funny times we had.
[d] giving me advice when I'm about to do something really stupid...You always manage to get me going even though I've already given up.
[e] creating funny phrases and sending me really lame pictures to make my day!



__the greatest parents in the world___
HAPPY anniversary Mom and Dad,
I doubt that you'll view my blog but HAH! I just decided to post this to tell you you're both the greatest parents in the world;;
Yeah so maybe you do have your weaknesses but...You both are still the best