if you could change the way things are.
whatever it takes_
I've been tagged once again.

001. Real name : Sharon Leow Hsin Yuek

002. Nickname: Just plain Sharon is good enough. Shazz. Shazzey.

003. Married: Most definitely. Tho he's somewhere in Timbaktu, somewhere where I can't actually recall doing research on a fossil.

004. Male of Female: Female.

005. High School: Yes.

008. College: Soon.

010. Short or Long hair: In between of short and long.

015. Are you a healthy freak?: I'm beyond healthy. In a negative point of view la.

016. Height: 160cm

018: Do you like yourself? : I don't consider myself as the kind of person who adores MYSELF. But I've got an above average of self esteem and confidence.

019. Piercings: Just one, on the left side. The other disappeared.

021. Righty or Lefty: Try as I might, to write with both, I'm still a lefty.

022. Surgery: None.

023. Piercing: Left ear.

024. Person you see in the morning: Myself? Looking in the mirror is important at times.

025. Award: Some. More on the performing on stage type. None on the running or long jumping type.

026. Sport you join: Does sleeping count?

027. Pet: Dead hamsters, dead gold fishes.

028. Vacation: US maybe. If the education department decides on putting PMR to an earlier date.

029. Concert: fireBRANDS concert, 2008

030. First crush: Uhh, that's private.


049. Eating: The specks of dust which got caught in my mouth?

050. Drinking: None?

052. I'm about to: procrastinate again on doing my homework.


058. Want kids: A full house!

059. Want to get married: That's a definite yes.

060. Careers in mind: Some of em are highly impossible to achieve at the rate I'm going.

Which one is better...

068. Lips or eyes: Eyes.

069. Hugs or kisses: Hugs and Kisses?

070. Shorter or taller: Doesn't really matter.

072. Romantic or spontaneous: In my opinion, Spontaneous when it comes to romance?

074. Sensitive or Loud: Both. They're a great combination.

075. Troublemaker or hesitant: Trouble maker.

Have you ever...

078. Kissed a stranger: Nope. And I don't plan to. Awkward!

079. Drank bubbles: Blow bubbles yes. Drink? Not at all.

080. Lost glasses/contacts: Lost no, broke em', yes.

081. Ran away from home: Intended to when I was a little kiddo.

082. Liked someone younger: No, not that I can remember.

083. Liked someone older: Yes.

084. Broke someone's heart: Unfortunately yes. But hey, nobody's perfect.

085. Been arrested: That would be over the limit for someone who happens to be a senior pastor's kid. Hahaha.

087. Cried when someone died: Yes, I can be a little emotional at times.

Do you believe in...

089. Yourself: Most definitely.

090. Miracles: Yeah.

092. Heaven: Yes.

093. Santa Clause:Backside!

095. Magic: Still my backside.

096. Angels: That's a different situation altogether. And yeah, I do.

097. Is there one person you want to be right now: Nope, not really. I'm happy just the way I am.

099. Do you believe in God: Yes.

100. Tag 5 people:

1) those.

2) who.

3) are.

4) extremely.

5) bored?

There, that's already a handful of people who'd be doing this tag sooner or later.

Moving on,

I've been into Nabila's blog alot lately. And on one certain day, it so happens, I stopped by her blog- A post which inspired me...about her friends.

Stopped by Cleo's blog after that, and I found this:

and after the friendship slides, i realized something.

despite of all those fights, disagreements, differences and daily dramas..

at the end of the day, we're still friends.

we go through both good and bad days together.

we quarrel, we bitch, we give each other the cold shoulder.

but we also laugh together.

we cry together.

we do crazy stuff together.

truth is, friends cant be friends without having disagreements, be it serious or minor.

agreed ?

the friendship slides taught me to appreciate my friends more, way more than i ever did before.

they taught me how to look past people's flaws and differences.

they reminded me of the importance of my friends in my life.

and made it clearer than ever that the littlest things in life are in fact, the ones that matter most.

My heart suddenly came to an abrupt stop after reading the last sentence of that post. It suddenly triggered my point of view as to how friends are important in all our lives. Like it or not, they are the basic essential to happiness...

Here's a little something, dedicated to all my friends.

Thanks for making me smile, making me laugh, making me giggle, making me high.

Thanks for always being there for me whenever I felt frustrated, confused, very emotional, you name it.

Thanks for making every moment, a special one.

I find the last picture very very -friendship-py? If that's even a word.

Friends are those who keep you insane constantly.

Who intend to listen to all your troubled worries and start giving you one of their very long lectures if they have to.

True friends stab you in the front not the back.
They are the people who would evidently read your mind like an expert and know you're not in the mood even if you attempt to fake a smile.
Friends are those who stand up for you. Even if they'll be facing the consequences.
They'd go all out to cheer you up even if it means doing something embarassing.

till the next one.