if you could change the way things are.
beef anyone?
As I haven't been paying much attention in Mr. Tan's, (Math period in school) I decided to work my butt off on Chapter-Don't-Know-What (Transformations) And well, is it just me? Or do our brains switch to 'sleepy mode' after 2 in the morning. I can't seem to stuff anything into that thick skull of mine anymore. And as much as I try, I'm still struggling. Screw Math! No wait, screw History & Geography & KH at the same time while I'm at it.

Moving on,

I got bored. And the sudden random-ness just sprang out on me. So here goes.
(Note. The following contents might just kill your brain due to the very unwitty choice of words and opinions)

I came up with a list. A list off all the odd-ly weird things I've done and I still do?

So here goes...

1) I want a slimy frog as a pet for my 15th birthday.
(I have the sudden interest on keeping slimy creatures)

2) I chew my nails and the surrounding skin of my fingers whenever I'm bored or even thinking.
(A habit I can never grow out of since I was a little gjrl)

3) I think nail polish are THE most inconsiderate accessory a girl could ever want, especially when you might accidentally ruin it and you have to re-do it over and over again till you get the perfect shade, the most satisfying tone colour? Oh I don't know.

4) I like mixing up and jumbling up different spices to make something new.
(Cooking is fun)

5) I MOST ESPECIALLY LOVE breaking half boiled eggs in their solid state.
(The way the runny yellow yoke just spreads out)

6) I attempt to smile at every single person I pass by
(This isn't exactly classified as weird tho)

7) Having to melt butter and icecream on a bread toaster is fun.
(High chances are, your bread toaster will get burnt. Personal experience)

8) I'd like to try playing the piano with my feet? Just like how those jazz players do it! Daymn! They have style.

Onto a lighter note,

I don't usually share on my daily routines of the day. But I thought, I'd fill you in on today as today somehow meant really special to me.

Started the day with school. The end part of school was spent with some of my closest mates (Meg, Dani, Shu Ern, Man Y., Val and others) as we had worship practise for SCF meeting. Megan was furiously teaching me all about guitar strings and all-the-reasons-she-could-think-of of why your fingers had to be at the exact same frets. It was confusing at first, but come to think of it, it's just all that semitone facts. Call me a dumb boob for not noticing earlier.

SCF meeting was a memorable one. Teachers ended up chartering 2 school buses for us to go to one of the disabled homes, located somewhere very near to school. (It was a short drive) Arrived. And as we headed into the hall, the many people I saw were physically challenged, who looked a little different. It made me realize how lucky we are to have been blessed with fully developed legs, hands...oh I don't know. And well, it struck me as to how many times I've complained, how many times I've been thinking I deserve a better life than the one I currently have, how many times I've been ranting on and on, on how there seems to be a lack of 'awesome lifestyle' in my life.

I swore I could've teared up. But it was one of the most awesome-mest experiences ever. Seeing the many people there smiling and having fun, beats the experience of going bungee jumping anytime! Tho I wish I could've helped out a little more.

Said our goodbyes and headed back to school?

AND...I'm getting sleepy! which means.

it ends here.

And I know, I know.

I clearly said, I'll leave it to the exact same state my blog was in the past 24 hours ago.

But can't blame me for moping around on the computer again after going through a neverending episode of History Chap. 4

And well, the current layout isn't exactly something to scream about. But i guess, it'll have to do. For the mean time. Until I get something else which consists of a little more orange in it and less messy-er?

Oh I don't knoooowww...

Anyways, I'm off to the continuation of History Chap. 3?

something went awfully wrong with the previous layout

Tried editing it and due to the lack of interest in doing it...

It turned out to be some piece of crap.

Which means, I'll be stuck with this one for awhile.

Chatbox seemed to disappear out of nowhere.

This blog just screams of "CLOSING DOWN"

I'll think about it?

someday you will find me
27th of June came, and 27th of June passed ever so quickly.

Nothing left besides memories (which will eventually be stored up in that small little noggin of ours)

... and maybe pictures to keep us reminded on how 27th of June in the year 2008 was spent.

She came as a quiet, chubby, full of smiles, little girl into all our lives.

And well, she deserved a farewell party as she's leaving the small little island called Penang for California for good.

Many thanks to all those girls and guys who've made the event such a success.

The amazing food which Chandini and Amelia patiently took the time to look through the ever long list of food in the menu, the deco done by all those girls who had willingly came early to get the place done up before the rest of us came, the CAKE and the GIANT card, both which I know Samantha loved dearly, the sing-along presentation presented by all the bold guys and girls who volunteered to sing along...and every other thing which I've missed out.

I was more than overjoyed. And I'm pretty sure Samantha was too.

So, let the pictures do all the work...enjoy.

We beat Paris Hilton anytime!

Don't ask.

Balloons are the new 'BLACK' apparently.

BUTT cramp' -Sharon
And the following 3 pictures might just cause me to get badly injured (Note. Hanged till death) if Sam found out that I had the nerve to post them up here. But it's a blog. And people NEED to KNOW!

Consider this a very lucky day for you Sammy. LoL

???!!! Did I miss something?!

Sarah and Kok-Lynn

And hey! Someone needed to liven up the party by standing up on the chair to do silly poses.
Don't blame me for not trying, Chien Ming!

A toast to Sam as she ditches us to live in California.

I'll be seeing you soon, Samantha Chong even if it takes me forever!

for you; from me
"I'll lean on you and you lean on me and we'll be okay."

Dear Samantha Chong,

Not long ago, in the year 2006, you first arrived in MGS. And my 'guesses' about you were, you were the chubby looking, cute, human-ish teddybear with the widest smile you could ever put on your face, I've ever seen for the whole 13 years of my life.

Okay, so maybe I'm a little over exaggerative here. But nevertheless, my first impression about you was a pleasant one. So, no worries Sam! Only that you owe me a lifetime supply of COKE and VANILLA ICECREAM for saying that thoughtful sentence about you.

There're just so many words I could fit into this post. And I would if I could but to spare me from the overflowing tears and waterworks bills. I shall keep this short, simple and sweet.

Samantha Chong! I miss You. I miss all the great, fun, non-sensical-laugh-our-butts off, happy, very happy, overly happy, high, extremely-high-due-to-the-massive-amount-of-coke-drank-phase (P.S. Prefects Camp), awesomely awesome, giggling-till-we-fell-off-the-chair, calling-each-other-up-when-we-had-nothing-else-better-to-do-other-than-talk-about-the-randomest-of-all-random-things- times. Even the times, when we fought over the littlest of little things, when we argued about how I should stop talking loudly and be considerate towards the rest of the students in the class...I miss it all. Oh, how I miss the days where you would stand right infront of the class to make a scene on how we should all just shut up cause there were lessons going on in the class right next to us. I miss the times where we'd spent ranting and rambling about our sister classes and how we weren't getting along with them and how we weren't getting the respect we should have gotten. (All has changed now, tho) I miss the times where I'd sit you down and assure you everything would be okay when you were unsure with life and all the hurdles which were charging like a great big red bull towards you. I miss the times where you would comfort me when I cried my eyeballs out during school after getting my heart broken again and again. I miss the ever-so-long calls we had, rambling on and on about your love life and how you were getting on with it. I miss the times where you'd stand right infront of me during morning drill and we'd be having our hidden conversations about your-you-know-who while announcements were being made. I miss the times when we'd all group together to plan the next story plot for Steffi, Mae, Kay, Scar, Langton, Fullham, Logan, Sean, Amber and the list goes on and on. I miss the times where you'd shout his name right at me to get my attention!

Gahh. I give up, there's just too many to list down.

So here I am now, and as I slowly think and re-think of the most suitable words to say. I want you to know, that you've been a great blessing to me. A great blessing to others. A great blessing to everyone you've met in this whole entire 15 years of your life. You've always kept me happy when I was feeling a little down. With that smile of yours, I gather. You've been an inspiration to us all, Sam. And I can never thank you enough for that.

Never give up, Sammy. Know that your bestest budds are still right behind you to catch you when you're about to stumble and fall. As we continue to live our separate lives, know that I'll never ever ever forget you and what you've done in my life. Be it bad experiences which made our friendship fall way down into that bottom pit or good experiences which has made us grow stronger as friends throughout the years, I'll always cherish them with all my heart.

With lots of love,