if you could change the way things are.
edited version__

HAPPY MERDEKA PEOPLE! uhh...what do I say after that??? Ahh well! Cherish the moments you have on this very special day aite??? It's not every time we have this really BIG and memorable event in our lives. 'HECK! It only comes every 365 days.' *Note- that was quoted by my brother*

Bring on the parties and celebrations! Isn't it time to celebrate??? *Starts jumping around on her bed and screams to herself* Hell yeah! *smirks* I've got 3 days off and what am I suppose to do with this 3 whole days??? Ahh- I shall just Spam random blogs and call up Mae Yune and Megan when I get the chance.

Thanks Mae and Megan! You girls are great...HAHA- Sending me songs to cheer my day up???!!! Well, it DID! [de-EMOlisers crew;; ess-en-ems]


__hating myself for knowing you__
Yeah! I do hate myself for knowing you...

I don't even know you anymore...

You're not original, you're just someone who wants to be in the 'in' group and would do anything to be in it...

Who said anything bout 'talking bout you'???

One word of advise, don't ever predict the reason why I'm actually pissed at you when you don't even know it...&& don't spread it to everyone you know.

It was never meant to be this way you know???

It just happened...

I miss the old You- && I would do just about anything to get the old you back

But I've changed and so have You...

I'm sorry.

[Dear readers, if you find this blog really offensive and mean, I'm really sorry...it's just a phase I'm going through at the moment]


__the emo purse claimers : mae, megan, sharon__
Quote of the day: 'Mae???!!! Oh my gosh!'

Heck, I'm back...and I'm feeling happy as ever!!! Thanks to the de-EMOlizer crew [ mae yune and megan ]....thanks a bunch.

1. Each blogger must repost these rules.
2. Each blogger have to rant 8 random facts/habits of themselves.
3. List 5 ppl to be tagged.
4. Drop by their blog and let them know that they've been "TAGGED!".

8 Facts About Me

[1] I'm not Sharon anymore...
-and that's a statement. Yeah so I'm not who I used to be actually. I don't talk as much as I use to and I've turned into such a hot head...a bitch actually if you count all the times I've been pissing many of you all off- sorry people! I shall try my best to not RAMBLE AND RANT bout my personal life anymore and start thinking bout others for a change =]

[2] Low self esteem is ME
-Yeap! I do have low self esteem...hmmm I don't even know where to start on that...I'm the kind of person who gets real afraid when people start judging me when they don't even know me!...mhhm hmmm...I need confidence don'tcha think so?

[3] I have the SAME nightmares
-It's been a norm for me to have nightmares daily...I used to watch Sleeping Beauty when I was 6 and I got reeaalll scared bout that creepy blue and black witch who comes out of the fireplace..Jeepers! I'm still having that nightmare.

[4] Friends are ones I keep close to my heart
- Without all of em', I wouldn't be able to survive in this world...Haah! They cheer me up when I'm down...They encourage me when I'm about to give up...&& they stick with me through thick and thin.

[5] I'm NOT EMO!
- Get this straight...*smiles*...Sharon is not emo, she never will be in a million kazillion years. From this day on, she shall try to be more optimistic and she's gonna try to think on the bright side even though things maybe dragging her down. haah! =]

[6] I LOVE ice cream...
- Yeap..the statement says it all actually. I really do love ice cream...mhhmm any flavour will do. Haah! ~ the rich texture of cream...the sweet stuff which melts on your tongue ~ okay tht's kinda getting abit gross...Haah! dang.

[7] Sharon and Josh Duhamel
- *smiles*...he's my all time favourite guy yeah know ??? Well currently yeah...whooaaa he's just looking a million bucks in Transformers and arrhhh!...I'd wish to be Fergie for one day...*day dreams....*

[8] I hate COPIES!
- Get your own sense of style. So it's not really a fact bout me! But I'm standing up for one of my dearest friends in the bunch =] Fakes are something I dislike...Get a life! *P.S. to readers...sorry if I'm being abit mean today*

Haah! I shall tag- No one??? ahh ! those of you who would love to do it, then you should...It's time to showcase that 8 interesting facts bout yourself.

Ohh and 'some person' made up this word today haah!

Damn- Water is flowing out through the dam...

*it's suppose to be funny* =]

Maybe we’re better off this way?
It’s better that we break,


Quote of the day:
'With your brains and MY LOOKS, we can RULE THE world...Nyahahah'

Okay, so i've finally updated after the really long trip in Bangkok...and HECK i'm missing school!- Haah!...mhhm so I'll just skim really quickly what I did during the hols.

Results: All I can say is, they don't have hott Thai guys Haah!- I'm serious. If there are I'd still give the scale of 0.5 to 10?

3 things I found really amusing in Bangkok:
(a) Motorcyclist there have REALLY-really stylish helmets- As in they have really nice patterns and stickers on em' *grins to herself*
(b) Thai people LOVE to wear yellow shirts. But it's prolly their uniform or something.
(c) They have really colourful taxis [ some even come in shocking pink...&& ORANGE! ]

BANGKOK- The village of the Olive trees *pfffttt*. In Sharon's opinion, it should be BANGKOK - The village of big shopping centers and uhh hot-american-foreigner-guys???!!! Haah! that would be the day.
Looking down to Bangkok from the highest building and the tallest floor is uhh...how do I put it???- Just amazing...You should seriously see the traffic jam here ! It's massive. I mean it seriously amazes me when I just gaze at the really REALLY big picturesque scenery.

Did I mention they have a wide variety of shops in the morning market??? Haah! They sell pets yeah know! ARRHHH I want a dogg! Anyone wants to sponsor???
I've got a COOL 10 year old brother...be VERY jealous!!!
&&...They even sell Ferraris and Lamborghinis???!!! Hell yeah!
The really famous Murcielago and Gallardo! [ If you play Need For Speed - You should be able to figure em' out ]

I couldn't have picture it annay better...So yeah, maybe BANGKOK is a bit dirrttyy....okay scratch that ! maybe alot- but...but...It's something I've never experience before.
So that's practically bout what I've been doing all this while during the hols. mhhm...tune it another day if I actually have the heart to update another one of em' posts...

[-state emo poem here-]

__her cow does NOT say bow-wow__

Well, the picture says it all actually- I am MISSING my dearest partner, MaeYune. Arrgghhh- Now I'm just being cheesy but I seriously do miss her...

Haah! All those times we spent together...and...and...did i mention me and mae were having a really RANDOM conversation- heeh! ...Check out her blog if you'd like to know...

News>> Last Post till after I come back from Bangkok. [arrggh! Bangkok better have nice guys who are not :

(a) -bald???

(b) - gender confused???!!!

...or else...haah! I'll just go guy hunting with SamTang next time heeh! -she's currently in KL staring at hawwttt foreigners ...haah! *was just joking aite'?*]

Currently : trying to finish her Sejarah Folio
completing her -oh-so-really-long-english-essay

and did i mention my brother has A BLOG! haah!- if you like typo's and funny sarcastic remarks...you can check it out...i linked him..arrgghh- but he'll get bored of blogging-TRUST ME

Heart is full And world's amiss;
The stain upon my shadow resists.
All the bleach I've poured on my skin
Leaves me pale and lying thin.

Mind unsure Of all I know;
The sin upon my shadow begins.
With my own doubt
I choke from within

It matters not,
What's eaten me;
With my own tongue I've sealed my fate;
With my own blood have lost my tale

The stain upon my shadow begins


MaeYune's Sleepover/Be-early birthday party

Yeah! i've finally got em' pictures. Actually, I kinda turned up late to her slumber party and I couldn't witness her 'so-called-candle-blowing-cake' session- Sorry dear MaeYune. So, when I finally did arrive at her place [ which was just a few feet away from Caleb's house ] - all of em' were already there in their 'so-called-sleeping gowns???' and having one hell of a time.

'Pictures do paint a thousand words don't they' - quoted by my brilliant partner-HoeMaeYune

Mhhm...after having finished taking snapshots and errmm...doing other stuff???- Thanks to Me and my REALLY BIG MOUTH, I just blurted out that I was really hungry...So we girls went downstairs for our little snack!

RUM ICE CREAM + CAKE PUDDING is the best yeah know ???!!!

I ended up sleeping real late- Mae's room was super cold Haah! and I couldn't survive in the room so I just wandered in the toilet and I kinda ended up dozing off to sleep there...I know, I know!!! It's weird- But what the HECK???!!! I was cold and blanket-less...And thanks to Danielle (God bless her heart *smiles*) - She lowered down the temperature of the aircond and I went back to mae's sis's room WITH A BLANKET this time.

Waking up at 8 something was harrddd! But I made it through- Haah! I was fascinated at MaeYune's house- so I decided I take some snap shots of her 'REALLY-REALLY-NICE-HOUSE'

To Person: You know who you are-Heeh! Here are the pictures you wanted to look at of mae's house??? cool aite'???!!!

'The people I can't live without'

Ahhh!!! I finally got to take a picture with the 'ohh-so-famous-bear-of-mae's'

Awwwh! Before I left mae's House- I saw this picture of HER !!!! Isn't she just adorable>???

mhhm- so tht's bout it...
P.S.-Mae, I had a good time...Gonna miss you loads this whole week!!!

Raging tempest afflicts the wounded soul,
From deep within it lashes out in fury -
In agony, the man lies low,
Torn between its inherent duty,
"What is left of my wounded soul?""
Where shall I seek another?"
Like the sweeping darkness,
-It swallows him whole,
All that’s left is wretchedness,
All that remain is but a hole,