if you could change the way things are.
a walk in the park.

Beau Bristow's concert could've been the BEST acoustic guitarist-drummist-electrisict-baser one man show! It's amazingly awesome to think people like him can be so talented just by pressing pedals and recording different effects...okay that wasn't entirely through! Everybody could do that but not as well as he could. I REEK AT COORDINATION! God does give us talents. And what should we do?! Use it like Beau, to glorify God's name be it performing for many fans out there whom I'm pretty sure by now would want him to come back for another pedalling performance! He's gone through a whole lot, witnessing the death of his grandparents when he was in his teens, losing a girl to another guy no matter how charming and heart wrenching (in a good way) he is! *Pictures anyone?!

There are those certain moments, where I'd question myself whether I've made a difference in someone's life? It'd be pointless to know, after having to be around for 16 years and you've never plant a seed in someone's heart. What good would living be, then?

Moving on to a lighter note,

A minor rash which was a rather rare occurence if I might point out myself, turned out to be the worst. Though it's getting better in time, all hail to the creaters of rash lotion which might I comment on how sticky it can be at times.

Anymoo, I've finally found one of the many pleasures in life! Nice SWEET AND CREAMY CUSTARD IN THOSE PORTUGESE EGGTARTS which mom willingly made the other day to satisfy my needs!

the things we do.

*points water gun at her direction*

I'll be dead soon.

My piano's practical pieces are way behind schedule.

I don't even know where to start!

My fingers are being too stubborn to move.

On the other hand, I've got my egg tarts! Finally!

more sleep.
You know what's the darnedest thing?!

Hearing how people fall in love.

There's just that feeling...

Oh gaaahhhhh!


This morning I woke up,
This morning I thought,
I pondered on and on about it,
Till the sun went down,
Till everything was painted in darkness,
Till now,
I'm in need of portugese egg tarts!

Oh what tantalizing taste they have!

On the other hand, there's too much to say at the moment. I couldn't care less of updating anything else about the holidays.
Religious Emphasis week starts tomorrow! That's where the fun begins. Another opportunity for students to dedicate/rededicate their lives to God.
Once done, Recess REVO. Which I honestly think, is something I can never be patient about. I sense, there's something happening. And this time, it's God-sent.
Chemistry is giving me headaches. I recuperate by playing Waka-Waka. Which I think I'm turning obsessed.
It's hookishly interesting actually. Not as interesting as my egg tarts though.

Road trip to KL -fireBRANDS
A quaint little hotel with huge plasma screen TV's accomodated us for the specific 3 days.

We can't get enough of huge mirrors in small little hotels, can we?!

BEEF and mutton satay will suffice whenever we're starved!

Satay tends to get sanguines high.

PacMAN revived!

An identical version of Garfield, only cooler and very passionate to see the Youth of Malaysia take a stand in our world today.

The couple in action!
Oversized BACON wrapped burgers might get you a ticket to the next Biggest Loser's series. Watch out Andrew?!
The onion ringERS!

Mutton for dinner.

Nicole's version of saying "OH MYYY GOSHHH!"

Curry mee for supper knocks your socks off!

We taboo-ed!

Work out session starts now! Get your free exercise at any escalator in any shopping mall!

right in front of me.

Sarawak; here I come.

invisible rainbows.
As to maintain the standards of being an active blogger which I know I've already failed miserably, I've decided to give a quick and early write up on an ACTSperience which will forever be etched in my heart.

I was given the opportunity (thanks to my folks whom had been kind enough to allow me) to join some of the fireBRANDS to KL. An exposure trip, I gather. Nevertheless, it turned out to be even more meaningful and more significant than just an exposure trip which was the main objective of going over to KL.

My first impression on the ACTS church. Lets just say I expected them to be a church with a huge heart for God, passionate to change the world and follow Christ to the ends of the earth. They met up to more than my expectations, to tell you the truth. Their hospitality. One which you can never find elsewhere. Through the years, I've known churches to be hospitable, in a sense where they had ushers to shake a few hands and greet you good morning before entering. But in ACTS, it was a huge difference. Having been there only once, they had tonnes of ushers, ready to greet you, from where you park your car all the way up to where you'd be seated on that morning. We were each given a tote bag filled with their own personalized note book, their updates schedule and etc., when we walked in. There were so many ushers to shake hands with, you'd feel as if you're a star. Even through their announcements, when we're asked to stand up, it felt like a herd of cows (ALOT) rushing over to greet us with their warm smiles. Something which would make your day. It's their hospitality which really amazes me at this point. Watching the members of ACTS church work as a community, having a family orientated concept, hospitable enough to take into consideration of others around them and totally on fire for God can really make you believe that ACTS church is one which practices a christian lifestyle. It's hard to explain.

As for my fellow room mates and the rest of us who's been having sore buttocks for the whole entire weekend, I guess you could say, it was a time where we've learnt more of one another and bonded with one another more. By singing an impersonation of Timon and Pumba's Hakunamatata, sharing a huge plate of chicken rice, getting teased over how the Cheese Naan was exquisite, drinking each other's pebbles in a Ribena shake at Steven's, playing taboo and assuming the rest would know the answer even when you gave a dumb clue, sharing your mentos with someone who was too sleepy to go through the morning service, shopping with a friend who's in need of new shoes after having to march in her heels for more than 5 hours, sharing your mutton and tomato rice with someone who isn't capable with eating a whole plate, falling asleep on someone else's bed when the rest were still awake, laughing over a sick joke which was rather hilarious in the middle of the night, looking for a nice shirt to buy which fits you, hogging over hotdogs with onions and green relish, waiting for a friend in need of a new pillow, or even laughing your way back to Penang by renaming Leroy as Aminah has made me realize that these are moments which has made me smile and made this trip a meaningful one.

Though there's alot more to say, I'll end here.

Pictures to come soon after.