if you could change the way things are.
A hullaballoo of hallucination'

HI! *waves hands in the air*

My name is Bob.

If ya'll don't exactly know me, I'm Sharon's imaginary friend. Or that's what she's convincing you people nowadays.

Sharon can't come to the computer right now.

As she lost for words and she doesn't even know where to start.

She's doing great actually. With the holidays kick starting, she'll be away with her buddies to catch a movie, be stranded on monkey beach for the whole of 2 days with marshmallows to survive on, be shipped off to Kampar for a camp right after that.

She'll be back though.


Very very soon.

Signing out -----Bob-

365 days.

To them who've made a night memorable.

To them who'd always be in my heart.

To them whom I very much love.

Thank you.