if you could change the way things are.

INFLUENZA (ANNUAL YOUTH CAMP 2010) has definitely served it's purpose, in line with FGA's vision as to impact lives. This year's camp was far-fetched and perpetually fulfilling beyond many biblical proportions.

Through the course of that 5 days 4 nights, I saw the hand of God move so mightily in the midst of all of us, I saw how His presence poured down on all of us in such a great way, I saw many lives touched and transformed, and I encountered the Lord.

Pastor Andy's sermons had a way of striking deep into people's hearts and with all gratitude to both him and Eugene, his message had given us all a revelation of our identity in Christ and how the Lord has purposed in us a plan that will (humanly impossible but possible with God) change the world and make the Lord's name known.

The Lord posed a question for me during this year's camp on whether I knew who I was IN HIM. Sometimes, we have the tenacity to feel rather inferior, surrounded by insecurities and doubt that we're too small to be used by the Lord or even we have such a mindset that we are not worthy to be used by Him. But the Lord thinks and knows differently. He already had both a purpose and destiny for us regardless of whatever circumstance we are in currently.

Being in this camp has made all the difference, really.