if you could change the way things are.
Today. School. Impulsive moment of madness. Why? Let me explain. Briefly.

1) Andria. For one, she was pestering me to let her in on the latest information which I find very plain.

2) Cezanne. With her attention span shortening every once in a while when I seem to bore her.

3) Czen Yhi. Hilarious as always. Convincing me to hide under the table with her.

4) Valarie. Non-stop laughter.

I couldn't say today was as dull as ever. Cause to heck if it was. We've finally concluded the pro-longed Jumble Sale we've been having since last week. To think, we'd raise a total amount of RM 894. Ahh, the advantages of having friends who are much too business-like and well trained before this event. I cleaned out the shelves in my prefects room. Whoop-dee-doo! =.= Allergies came soon after though. But all is well, now that the shelves are all spick and span.

I teased Valerie Yentl today! She laughed back with great excitement. Hahaha! Though it was just for kicks. Cezanne had a hard time going through today though. Nyeh. No more tennis for her. So we all settled for a good game of non-stop Cluedo. It could've lasted longer but I gave up. With Megan and Chand, we rambled on over how to heat chocolate and Jamie Oliver's cooking shows. (So far, the most ideal discussion in the library)

Czen Yhi on the other hand made me hide under the table with her in the prefects room when we heard Cezanne coming.

Ahh. School life and its perks. Nyeh.

Tomorrow is a different day entirely.

Hopefully, there are no tears to shed.


Thank you, God. For placing many sweet and memorable moments in our life.

Thank you, God. For giving us strength to let go of the past.

Thank you, God. For granting us confidence to step out into the dark when all that was left in our hearts was fear.

Thank you, God. For your amazing love.

fade away.

Nobody said it was easy.

Something I've been pondering on since last night. Last night's message during Youth, well...lets just say, it really hit home for me. Or however you'd like to put it. It's the thought of how have we actually come to the extremity where we are living our lives as REAL christians. Not just christians who show up to church and youth services on Saturdays and Sundays. Most to most, even Fridays as well. Not just weekend christians with an utter or absolute personality and character which is very much at odds during the days when we do not attend church.

We are all called to be an irresistible influence to all at any time, anywhere and at any place.

Looking back at the past, I must admit that there is much more for me in life which I have yet to accomplish. And frankly, I have high expectations on myself to be more than what I am today. But I guess, it all takes time and maturity. Nevertheless, I know, with every ounce of enthusiam and exhilaration...that I'll make it through, that I'll never forget my purpose of being here. Even if I tend to stray away, I know...God'll help me out in one way or another.

Heck, don't worry and be happy, right?


Crap lah wei?!

I miss them alreadaayyy!

It's this point of time when you're really deprived of friends. Especially when they're all the way in KL, most probably shopping, creating havoc and sneaking into each other's rooms to sleep over!


The sense of loneliness creeping over me, making me drown...

Haah! School wasn't that bad actually. Sure it could've been a whole lot better when those motor mouths were back in class instead of going on that trip. But I guess, it's my loss for not agreeing on going after much effort from them when negotiating with me.

I'm sorry, friends. =(

For now, I'll be keeping myself busy with the Jumble Sale held in my school, irritating Ame and Mae while all of you are on your way to Sunway Lagoon tomorrow.



French onion soup anyone?

I'm currently waiting for it to be served in Cafe World. The game I'm currently addicted too!


I'm off!


I wish I knew the answers to the questions I kept hidden in my heart. I wish I could understand a little bit more of the changes which takes place in a person. I wish I'd see the truth in all of this. It's human nature after all, am I right? Where a person reaches adolescence, it's a norm for him/her to change. Something so palpable like this, I can notice.

Change. I will honestly dislike that word till the day I die and my body rests where my grave is. Maybe it's me. I've always been known to be the oversensitive one, after all. Maybe I can't face facts of a person's personality change as much as other people do. But I just can't help it. I try, I give it my all but it still comes down to the point where I am at my lowest...state? Or however you put it.

Questions arise...I have the propensity to question myself the past couple of hours on how was I really like when I was 12. Was I still the same as I am now and today? Was it worth having to go through the mistakes which could've been prevented if I was a little bit more careful? What if my past has affected someone else in such a negative manner?

As a sister, I've come a long way. I might not have met the many obstacles layed out for a person and I know more is yet to come, but I know a couple or two things there is to know to help me go through life as it is now. So please do listen to me when I tell you that it isn't the right thing to do.

the more i think.
I'd call it adventurous. By far, it would've been the only extreme thing I'd be getting myself into in school especially when related to the HM. Knowing me, I wouldn't ever have the guts to face the principal unless called to do so. A sense of achievement in me, when to know my HM made it compulsory for all students to join the Change Your World Tour programme in school as she felt that it was best that students will be able to connect themselves with what's happening around us and to be able to make a stand for what's right and to make a change in our world today. Headed by me and Shu Ern, I guess you could say the students responded fairly well to the slideshow presentation and the vid. So yeah! Dum-dee-dums!

Moving on to something which might interest you...(well not really, but i decided on being random as that was the only efficient way I could liven up this page)
...I well. I never actually tried putting on red nail polish. It's just the colour which brings about the shivers or the chattering of my teeth. People always say it's because it gives that bloody effect causing you to be afraid. But no, looking at it from a different point of view, the red on nails gives me the impression that girls my age look like those ladies with hairstyles shaped like a beehive! The ones you see on the tele with the big rimmed glasses!

Recess Revo's washing cars tomorrow! Hopefully, we'll be quiet enough to sneak out and give all the cars a mighty good scrub.

Happy beEARLY birthday, Joyce.

I owe you a lifetime supply of chocolate chip cookies!




the people we were meant to be.

My room could win the award for the ultimate pig sty in Malaysia, yr 2009. Wait! Is it spelt in one word or two? PIG STY...PIGSTY...PIG-STY. No matter...

It took me a heck of a long time just to regather my old text books for tomorrow's text book giveaway.

And maybe I'm to the extent of being frustrated till I'd love to pull my sideburns out cause I can't seem to find my English Literature Book! GAH! Such things should not happen to a person especially when tomorrow's a schoolday. It'd be considered a school night if I had to say so myself.

I wish I had bionic eyes, xray vision goggles which would allow me to track and hunt down that book of mine. It couldn't have possibly walked out or away from my bedroom or the the...area, right on top of the organ chair where my books are currently placed at, collecting dust particles-contributing to my severe dust allergy problem. No wait! It's not that bad.

*slaps herself* Gah sharon! At least have the decency to wrap up the remaining books and find another alternative to replace that irrelevant book which has not brought any benefits in my life except warming my fingers when I flip the pages, with that rustle sound it tends to make.

Konklusinya, I have the greatest proclivity to lose stuff easily.

I shall not mope around anymore. I'll do the wrapping. Wish me luck! =)?

it'll be alright.

I was deviant arting and a fine frenzying just for the fun of it.

But I'd like to summarize my whole entire two weeks, just to make you feel the agony I've been enduring! Nyeh.

The past two weeks have been rather stodgy actually. How shall I put it?

Intensive cramming! Yeah, that's right.