if you could change the way things are.
I wasn't exactly to the extent of being exhilarated, neither was I reluctant to attend this year's Christmas Party. Though I must admit, it turned out to be quite a huge success. Deborah's house looked like some christmas theme showroom, really! With a humungus christmas tree right next to the entrance which was mainly getting all the attention from the guys who were mingling around that area.

A couple of pictures to get the post going. This entry needs some colour anyways.

Early was I. But nevertheless, I'd skip right to the part where we got cracking with dinner which was laid out next to the garden. It was excruciatingly painful for the brain trying to grasp the concept of how Judson conducted the 'string game', with Gerald adding to the suspense with his frequent usage of the phrase "NOW NOOOOO MOREEEEE!" I'm not usually the type to fall back and let the whole situation go, but this time round, it was different and I was partially agitated to think that my brain wasn't finding the solution to the game.

So... I managed to pull myself through and forget about that silly game? It's been an amazing night. Having to meet up with close friends before christmas, snapping pictures of people, exchanging presents, wishing everyone a merry christmas, providing hugs to those who wanted one?

I know I don't usually give captions for pictures but this is a must! To GARY! You're a lucky man!

Best Campers for year 2006, 2007 & 2008.

Pictures above were carefully stolen from Andrew Chan Wei Kin!

All in all, it was a night to remember.

If i were to give a write-up on this year's annual youthcamp, I'd skip the formalities, I'd screw all the overrated phrases like "ooooooohhhh! YOUTH CAMP was AWESOME, as ALWAYS". This year, I've giving it a tinge of difference. Five days in Hosba Valley could've been tiring considering that it's quite a distance from the hall where we had most of the programs to the dorms we were sleeping in, but I'm truly amazed on how God came down and visited each and everyone of our hearts during that period of time. A life changing 5 day camp if i may say so myself, one which has given us all the opportunity to experience God in many different ways, be set free from the many bondages we held on to and to be transformed to follow him for eternity.

How's that for a change from a simple "YOUTH CAMP WAS FUN!"??!!!

On the other hand, I find the environment different. Something we all need to get away from all those built in air-conditioning service rooms with nice morning call facilities from the lobby! Bathrooms were clean too! Tho i attempted to fix a certain shower???

My brain needs to recharge. And really, that's all i could come up with at the moment.

i drew.
To the idiot, the silly duck, the nut freak, the 'greatest guy ever lived' (or so he calls himself) whom I've known for a long time. You've been dying for your own birthday shoutout/entry since a couple of months ago and so, I'm taking the liberty to write one up now tho I know for sure that you'd probably be stuck somewhere in Chiang Mai which means you better suck it up and wait till you're back in Penang to read this entry.

Nevertheless, I shall start by saying and telling the whole wide world that you've been a blessing towards me and others. With you around, it's hard to look at that watch on my wrist and think when is this whole conversation with this bozo head going to be over. With you around, it's hard to resist the temptation of laughing my guts out whenever you pull out another prank on someone of even start your very egoistic jokes which might i add, never fail to make me giggle! With you around, it's hard to purse my lips together and hope they don't turn into a wide grin whenever you do your silly gestures!

Thank you, Justin Loh for every insignificant, meaningful, thoughtful and etc. thing you've done in my life. Thank you for the times we've shared as friends, thank you for the many moments you've made me laugh uncontrollaby, thank you for all the times you've placed a smile on my face whenever I felt a little down. Thank you for showing me that I can make the impossible, possible! Thank you for you.

With this, I end by saying, BACKSIDE! You rock as a friend. And truly, there really isn't anyone like you in this whole entire world. And life would be less interesting if you weren't in it. Keep on shining for God like you've always been. Never do give up! When you feel like everything's crushing you from the outside, don't you dare give up! Instead, persevere and take one step at a time.

Happy be-lated 17th birthday! You know you're awesome!