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In the midst of studying Form 3's Sejarah -Bab 3, reading a silly novel which involves stormy affairs, doing a miserable BM folio on Merdeka! Merdeka!, mourning about my cellphone, I decided to take a time out and maybe start to update my very dead blog.

...I can't actually recall the time when I had the idea on having a surprise for my mom on her birthday. Dad was home at that time, told him the idea. But to my dismay, he let out a sigh which I clearly understood that it would never ever happen.

Far from understanding my own actions, I called up Tim Yeoh's mom straight away to explain the whole situation without my dad's permission, mind you.

In a matter of days, my dad was convinced and well, lookie here! It turned out as planned.

My friends, bless their kind souls for taking the initiative to come and help with the cooking and not forgetting, the deco. and the cleaning up. Yeah, I had fun. They had fun. We had fun.

An impulsive moment of madness that day, when I found out there was no one to drive me up to Gurney Plaza to fetch the 4 large pizzas. Called up Andrew. And it was a mere stoke of luck, I gather. Came to pick me and Chandini. And we were saved.

Mom had a shock of her life, not to that extent la. But she was pretty surprised.

Don't we just knock your socks off?

'In every age there comes a time when a leader must come forward tomeet the needs of the hour. One can say that there is no potential leader who does not have an opportunity to make a positive difference in society. An effective leader is one who perceives a need following which it sparks a passion within him and he responds to that need. This action thereby moves others to cooperate and follow him and hence a leader is born'

Leadership camp involved a whole lot of bonding time with friends you can never imagine talking to. Yes, it was fun. What with all that kerosene nonsense Miss Justin made up!

We learned alot.

On the last day, we were tired, disillusioned and not to mention hot after completing some very hard task.

Tho, it can sometimes be a little degrading when someone comes up to you and judges you in a negative point of view. I guess we've all learn to accept it.

So yeah! A rah-rah-rah to leadership retreat!

Singapore trip.

The much awaited trip. It was great. Nothing like I expected.

As I stepped out of that congested MRT or was it LRT- I instantly fell in love with Singapore. The great places you can see, the bestest of the best sceneries you can find, and well, the amazing food.

Shopping, shopping and more shopping.
Actually, it was more of window shopping for me. Things there can be a little overpriced if you change it to our currency.

"I sure know what I've been told!"
"Martin's gonna bring us gold"
It was worth the long hours of practises and the big blue-blacks we got from all the hard stunts.

Cheerleaders. We can be very competitive at times. Haha!
But I guess, looking back, there were never any attempts for us to outdo the rest of the cheersquads despite the fact that we wanted to win badly.
"JUST DO YOUR BEST and HAVE FUN" was what my cheer captain told us.
We did have fun. And most importantly, we did our best.
Looking back, I enjoyed every practise we had. Laughing at the littlest of things, discussing the latest hot celebrity and all that shizz.

well, that concludes it!
till then.

I couldn't sleep...


till then