if you could change the way things are.
the way it works.
1) I've decided on getting a new water tumbler. One which survives constant clumsy falls.
2) Shoulder aches increases the chances of obtaining eye bags due to restless nights in bed.
3) Ulcers crave for ice cream on cold, rainy days.
4) I love migraines! They're your escape ticket out of school. Though that really isn't a good thing.
5) My biology book is calling out to me with it's hypnotic powers.
6) I'm still in need of ice cream and smushed peanuts.
7) Ooooohhh COOKIES!

so, come home.

That's why I love the fireBRANDS.

Ice in my tea.
Yesterday. It rained. Today. It poured. Though it already seemed flagrant enough that the rain wouldn't stop, I didn't mind. Getting out from bed was the hardest, especially during rainy mornings. Nevertheless, I managed to pull myself out, resisting the urge to fall back into deep sleep again- to 'readify' myself before the beginning of school.

Rain or shine. Sun or clouds? Drizzle or a high humidity level or was it low? MGS does have it's perks when it comes to organizing the anual sports day...Without an appropriate field, (which isn't damp and soggy like the one in PKSW) having the event in the school hall was a rather extreme alternative, none the less. but it did save us all the trouble from walking over to Westlands.

I WON A MEDAL FOR A TELEMATCH! Such enthusiasm, no?!

The cheerleading squad was named Memphis, this year. Look up Memphis in the Form 4 History book and you'll find it somewhere in the first chapter. Hahaha!

Watching Romeo and Juliet was the hardest moment for me today. Just think! The agony i had to go through when having my elbows withstand the weight of me, while lying forward to stare at the tele...Gahh! I give up at making this an interesting post.

easy way out.
Life ends all too short at times. To think, some of us tend to ignore the harsh realities of life till they hit us in the face like a yellow school bus accelerating at full speed. Sure, self-experience would be the best way to go, to know how'd it feel like. But then again, shouldn't we be equipping ourselves, preparing ourselves if anything were bound to happen?

Darn, I'm rambling again. But it was just a sudden thought which I could never get out of my mind. It might not seem to make any sense, though.

world domination.
Geeks were never meant to rule the world!
#1 An old-existing script which's never been touched since year 2006
#2 Three day long practises
...might just award you 1st in a choral speaking competition.