if you could change the way things are.
hey Peeps,
sorry i haven't been updating alot like i used too but - i have tonnes of stuff to be doing starting with going for vocal training everyday! jeez, it's been a hectic week to tell yea the truth. *sobbing pathetically*-

I assure you PeoPle - more events and posts are on the way, owh and more pictures too ehehe*smiles*. I mean seriously, i have tonnes of pictures to show you gurls and guys out there- owh and some funny video clips too of me and my NEW friends i made with in my vocal training- all 15 of them are really really cool!!!! ehehe i hope you knoe what i am talking bout *lmao*

till next time ~

Yesh!!! You may think what's my idiotic title bout???- it's kinda disgusting ehehe but I'll get to the point. This post includes what happened during Saturday and Sunday so it's kinda like a 2 in 1 post??? *pls mind my lame-ness*

As usual- last saturday's of the month are mostly packed with games and entertainment in YOUTH. And this time it was done by Eunice and her team [the jantans : Elisha. Timothy. Dixon. Daniel Tan *did i miss anyone else?] It was great---it's mostly a musical ghostly effect. Hahah. There were 3 stations all together and I liked ELISHA's STATION the most: I mean seriously, it's lame and funny! We had to do a chant around two persons who look like they're dying on a deathbed haha. AND there was also a special delicacy which my group had to drink...Yepp, you guessed it-eyeball+fingers+blood SOUP! Technically the eyeballs were just how'dya put it???- i think it was sour plums and the fingers were okras and the blood was just plain ol' tomato sauce with water. YUCK- Lucky me, i din't have to drink it. *Lmao*

Whoooaaa - it's been a really long time since i visited my old church ehehe...ahhh and my friendsss!!!- Dah 3 musketeers which consists of me.aedin.joel. haha and a new recruit -wei lynn??? heheh coincidentally it was also...AEDIN"S BURFDAY!!!

So here I am ryte now, typing something for one of my closest friends I've known in my whole entire life.


Happy 14th Birthday. * i still can't face the facts that you are older than me by 2 months* ahhh...You've been a REAL blessing to me, a friend to talk to, a shoulder to cry on and yadahyadahyadah....*LoL* Hahaha I can still remember the good ol' days when we were really young and we used to stay next door---and we would be shouting across since we practically didn't know how to use the phone when we were just age 6??? Owh ! Remember when we used to have Music Practise in central??? I think we were bout like 7??? and we used to fight alot during the interval of the practise and then we would get back together again after the practise is over??? owhh goshhh!!!~ the old memories...God's given you a talent !!!~ *hint hint-singing*. Use it well for the Kingdom of God---Love You Lots.


[Of thanksgiving events and Stolen pictures]
THANKSgiving---It's something to do with the 2 in 10 thing ryte??? well i guess so.*swtt* People there were all so FORMAL and well i was just wearing a normal tee and khaki pants {if tht's what you call it in america?}Did i mention i was vaining with YAN-Y??? ehehe did i also mention tht i stole her pictures---well now i am announcing to the whole WIDE world *smiles*...thanks to her, this post is completed with pictures.

The funnier side of us' at least she's not the one grinning like a monkey *hint hint*

Ahhh I can agree with Yan- tht this was the best picture we took so far

Dah gurl i grew up with- thanks a million YAN XD
That concludes today's post, cya round

Guys and Gurls out there [doubt that there would be guys reading my blog tho- but who cares],

JOEL THUM has a NEW blog {i'm kinda dense to just find out about it tahday}
[Pls do go and check it out and probably send him a tag while you're at it- it does mean alot to him]

So tht's the big announcement up there!~ RE -[Religious Emphasis] week was gr8 actually- the Youth Pastor from Resevoir Garden Baptist Church was great too ehehe- and well, worship there was great too...aisshhh, idk...lets just say everything on that day was just great...*swtt* and i'm so proud of you, MAE YUNE !!!~ *hugsss*

MY TO DO LIST for the week:

[1] Sejarah Folio-awwhh shucks, it's that time of the year again---painful punishments which include having to do thick folio's

[2] Finding the perfect song for the 1st of JULY---and getting a minus 1 in time??? how am i gonna do that???!!!

[3] PRACTISING my piano---piano exams are coming up and i'm on the verge of getting a 'D' if i don't practise hard enough

[4] finding the oh-so-really-perfect-gift for my dad----his birthday's coming up and i still haven't found any yet--

[5] STOP thinking bout that special someone for a week! if i can actually last that long XD i'll try tho

till next time peeps

;;To the world you may just be 1 person, but to 1 person you may just be the world;;
'quoted by some annonymous fella in google'

Have you ever wondered whether you could erase time and start over again???. Well if you are, join the club [f.y.i., the club just means me alone]. Sometimes I just wish that I could rewind time with a push of a button. Unfortunately, that ain't possible-the world ain't just that easy hahah *swtt* There's tonnes of huge stuff i regretted doing and well i wished tht i could hit the 'delete button' in the 'memory storage' in my head. Owhkay, i'm seriously feeling really emo-ishneesss ryte now. [ I don't really think it's considered emo-ishh. It's just not the way you'd think sharon will be ] Well, the solution is easy- we can't change the past and all we can do is to make sure we don't make the same mistakes in the mere future { does that make any sense, owh no! here i go crapping again } P.S. -Yan! I'm blogging alot more now - hahah *lmao*

*inhales, exhales , sharon counts to 10 [1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10]* -*she's back to her joyful self again ehehe*

Owh rite!~ CAREER day. Although me and my friends are just fourteen, we attended the career day in school teh-day. It was gr8 i guess, for those who are interested in accounting, management and HAIR sculptures. But that really ain't mah thang. Hahaha i coudn't really find something what i really wanted. Hahah. Gosh, I shudn't really be thinking bout where I'm suppose to study when I'm older! - but hey, i'm an early planner. -

NIE [NewspaperInEducation]- we {samt.samC.mae.avienne.sharon} finally finished our project. It was kinda due along time ago but we managed to hand it in the last minute. But i can totally assure you, this POSTER was d best I've ever done so far and it's all thankzzz to this bunch of group members I have. Hahahah yea !!!!~ we cooperated alot too *hint hint*

P.S.>mae! i really need your help ryte now- it's song choosing time hahaha XD

*smiles* -sharon-

FANTASTIC FOUR 2 [rise of the silver surfer] -a must watch movie for the ENTIRE season ( partly because Chris Evans is BACK!!! )

RATINGs for this movie- A++

It was just yesh-terday when i watched fantastic 4 '2'. It's a gr8 show to tell you the truth. Much more romance and adventure i guess- and errmm, this time i didn't have to cry or wipe any tears during the movie. It was more of fun and laughter for me. Jessica Alba is back and looking a million bucks. Eheheh. AND i'm getting to the good part-.......*scroll down plsss*

CHRIS EVANS is back- *oooohhh* the hott-ness. NO johnny depp or ORLANDO bloom

crushes for me. Chris Evans is 100% much hotter than all of em' ehehe. Owhkay i've become a total nutcase myself. To think that chris evans would actually fall for me *hey i can dream, can i ???!* ehehe owhkay now i'm just starting to blab--------------------

NEXT show on my list to watch is -

TRANSFORMERS!!!!~ yay, can't wait for it to premier in gsc

till then~


celebriteen;screams and laughter
the contrast of emo-ness and sunshine-ness?
YIKES!!! I'm still recovering from the emotional shock plus excited-ness that I've just passed through a few days ago [i don't really think my grammar makes sense]. It all happened with a phone call-a phone call which may change your LIFE forever .*smiles* I don't really want to exaggerate or anything haha so if you really want to find out what really happen;
check out :
www.xanga.com/maehoe - mae yune's bloggie or www.xanga.com/samanthaxytang - sam t's bloggie
owh and this is for you CARMEN
[there were 3 judges on that day]
Judge #1= Are you in a choir ??? cause i can tell by the way you breathe and when you mantain the note.
Judge #2= You've got a solid voice but sometimes you have to be careful with your tone.
Judge #3= A powerful voice. At the start of the song it was a bit choppy but then you were owhkay after that.
So yepp -that's bout all i can say- more info in mah friends blogs

Heyya! I haven't been updating since errmm...well 3 days ago. I couldn't just find the right time to actually say anything...and well I have been quite BUSY with auditions and stuff yea knoe. *You won't really knoe what i'm saying ehehe* -it's kinda a really long story. So now that everything is all overr i meant the auditions + callbacks, i can settle down to my normal life again. And that means more BLOGGING *whoppeee*...

MEGAN! this is specially for you- I was getting kinda bored actually-

Thankies so much for helping me with d song that i was stuck with for the rest of the whole night *smiles* You've been a real blessing tah me. And hey ! turns out our dad's know each otha-kewl!!!~ Hahaha I lurve hearing you sing Pigeon John- or whatever you call him. Next time join celebriteen yea ???!!! ehehe or i'll just drag you there myself *owh wait! maybe that ain't such a good idea haha*

till next time




1. Origins of name and meanings: Sharon= hmmm...it's kinda aplace in Israel??? or was it Jerusalem??? *scratches head hard*
2. Age: 13+??? well, i'm gonna turn 14 a few more months tho.
3. Birth place: tah-one-and-only Penang
4. Siblings: lil' bwother.??? he's owhkay sometimes, but sometimes he does get abit annoyin'. I guess he kinda inherited it from his sis' ehehe * swtt*
5. Nicknames: shazz??? shah-ron??? lol. idk. most of me' friends just call me Sharon. {original but NICE}
6. Hobbies and lifestyle: drama-queening??? i dunno...ehehe
7. Shopping place: definately GURNEY...where else is there?
8. Theatre: QUEENS'
9. 3 words that describe me: hilarious.screwed.adorable??? [ cute but ugly ] ehehe
10. Favourite activities: Doodling {is that it?}. blogging . shopping . reading . just chilling out with friends.
11. Frequently visited websites: blogspot . imeem . friendster .
12.Dressing style: just me =]
13. Model of my phone/incoming call ringtone: Samsung 640C??? wait i think that's it *lmao*
14. Collections: Tonnes. wait collections of what???
15.Favourite colours: ORANGE [i'm just stuck with that colour]. green . black . and other interesting colours. no MURKY ONES tho
16. When I get lonely, I: start thinking of him??? pffft...[that's a stupid thought]
17. Favourite type of movie, and the one that is most touching: POTC 3. and some of em' musical movies. HIGH SCHOOL musical AIN'T one of em' tho
18. Favourite type of music, and favourite song: something which totally reflects life. now i'm stuck with SOBER by Kelly Clarkson- First Time by Lifehouse and Boston by Augustana.
19. A must-wear jewelry: nothing tacky. i hate being overdressed. braceletts would be nice.
20. I can’t live without...: him =) ...no seriously, i can't!
21. wait, question 21 doesn't exist??? *hahs! mae yune, who ate question 21???*
22. A man who can make you lose your mind: is someone who understands me and makes me smile everyday =]
23. Females that I admire: MARIA SHARAPOVA { did i spell her name right??? } and this is so random but another one of em' female in my admire list is MAE yune, if you have no idea who she is, she's the person who sits next to me everyday in school.She cheers me up when i'm down- P.S.> mae yune ! thankz for everything =)
24. Specialties: I seriously have a tendency to make people go NUTS. I don't know how i do it. tee hee
25. My best culinary dish: hmmmmm...still thinking...
26. I see and I have to buy: The Latest Album of Chris Daughtry and Good Charlotte./ a really good novel which i have to have my hands on *smiles*
27. Biggest eew factor: People who are trying to be someone they aren't.
28. Favourite books: Phewww- i can blab about this topic for hours if i have to, but to spare you from the wrath of the oh-so-evil SHARON, i'll just cut this story short- i most probably have a thing for NICHOLAS SPARKS novel's.
29. Best thing people said about me: i dunno??? that i'm talented- wee-eeell they just said i was talented but they din't say talented in what tho- and much more otha stuff that really made me happy.
30. Country I want to visit the most: ******thinks hard****** - none, i like Malaysia just the way it is =]
31. Usual time for bed and getting up: eleven sumthing and wakes up at 6.30 every morning without fail { only for weekdays }
32. What I wear to sleep: an oversized tee and shorts, but if i ever get cold, pants would be my first choice.
33. If I can’t sleep, I’ll: start singing to myself ...or even start walking around the room while thinking of any quotes i can make up.
34. Unseen! I hug this during when I sleep: My really-really old bolster, hmmm...it's like the same age as me ehehe.
35. Something that I currently am interested in: MUSIC??? no way i've been interested in that since ever.'big shocker there'
36. Something that I make a habit out of: singing in the shower???-humming while hearing my fave song???
37: Bad habits I can't break: blab-ling loadzzz.?
39. Favourite artist: loadz of em'. You can never ask actually=}
40. Favourite actor/actress: ...is 'looks' counted???? cause if it was for the 'looks' i'd choose Alex Pettyfer. Sorry Mae! i stole him from you =P
41. I’ll get excited when: 'he' appears right in front of me- it's more of the nervous + shock expression tho.
42. Expectations in a mate: EXTRA HIGH...hahah
43. Flower that represents me the most: rose???i dunno . it has something to do with my name.
44. If Valentine’s not the 14th of February, I want it to be: 4th August???? hahahs
45. What do I view ‘love’ as?: Blind??? ehehe. now where did i get that from?
46. If I can be a guy for a day: *next question please!*
47. Something that makes me cry: there can't just be a something...there's must be loadddzzz of somethings'
48. What would I do at the end of the world?: everything that i've never done before.
49. What I wanna say the most now: fu-yoh!!!~ owh gawd...what's happening to me ??? hahah LAME-ness
50. Something that I wanna say to people I tag after this...: you ppl are d best!~

I tag: carmen, chien ming, nicole tan, yan, joyce, sarah thum and anyone who wants to do this.

Tag 002:

Instructions: Paste the following on your blog and tag 5-10 people to answer the questions below. Have them tag other people. Your "tagged" friend will answer the questions about you.

1. What is your friend's name? =Mae Yune
2. Jock, Nice, Prom King/Queen, Loner, "Friendly(Flirtatious, Promiscuous etc.)".Pick the word(from the list above) that best describes your friend. = none. she's just mae yune. she's got her own unique way of being her. does that make sense???
3. Choose 5 adjectives to describe your friend. = Compassionate. Talented . her funny emo' way . SWEET . mae yune-nishhh.
4. What colour do you think best associates with your friend? = everything.
5. In 10 years time, where do you see your friend? = on the aisle with her oh-so-handsome husband of hers.??? remember to invite me to your wedding kays??? ehehe *swtt*
6. Describe your friend's blogging style. = it's the 'maeyune style'!
NOW I TAG! = carmen, chien ming, nicole tan, joyce, sarah and Yan.


CHORAL FEST. 2007- Over 200 singers actually joined this whole event. And it was a blast!!! > For 3 whole days- or to make it even more simpler still, for 24 hours which is also equivalent to 1 whole day hahaha...wait lemme just cut to the chase, {i'm confusing people here}> for 8 hours a day, we've been practising non-stop on songs which were, mmmhhhmmm, how do i put it???...NICE...well, lets just say the songs they'd chosen for the event was good. It had more variety than last year. =]

It was a night to remember always- {yea! We gurls had to stand on the stage for two whole hours wearing heels. The guys had it easy, of course they can't wear heels *smiles*. I was super exhausted after the whole thing ended. Especially when you were wearing HEELS for 8 hours.[i din't just wear em' during the concert, but actually before the concert] *note-to-self: never wear anything which has to do with heels during any practise of what-so-ever* IT HURTS seriously *swtt*}

But all-in-all, it was gr8- and it's kinda a great way of starting school again *tee hee*

tht's the amount of people in the choir..^sweet^
can you spot me in that whole bunch of people??betch'ya can't
I'll update more as soon as I settle down in school....

SIMPANG PULAI {somewhere near IPOH} trip with JOYCE LIM AND SARAH THUM;;
It was the best ever Church Staff retreat i've ever been to...without d both of them, i think i could have died not knowing anyone there except my brother. Ehehe now i'm seriously just crapping. During this whole entire trip-we did loadzzz of stuff from cycling to swimming and errmm...and whole lottss more...yadahyadahyadahyadah> owh and during this whole entire trip> we vained loaddzzz too ....Hahahs *smiles* and our fave word for that whole trip was- RAPER...haha it's something we lurve to say when we were there the whole time.

Owh and good news > NICOLE finally likes SAMUEL THUM ....
P.S. not nicole tan sorry, it's some other nicole we met in the trip there haha she's a mix and if you scroll down, the pictures of me, sarah thum and joyce...well, there's some of her too ..

'the funnier side of us'

;;we're missing PENANG;;

That's NICOLE next tah SARAH THUM ehehe....

Owhkay...there's like loadzzz more stuff to say but i kinda wanted to cut this short ehehe.
Till next time

*Cheers* I finally get to go out...ehehe *swtt* I had my new hair cut too *woots*...it's kinda abit shorter than my usual length...but i'm still lurving it. After the oh-so-long hair cut at the salon, me and my friends which consisted of { me, samantha t, mae yune, avienne and czen yhi } went for lunch at 'AnW' *yummies*...ryte after that, ehehe we rushed for the show *POTC3*.

The show was gr8. Compared to POTC2...all my friends were admiring the oh-so-hott ORLANDO BLOOM!!!~ hahaha and some of them practically sobbed during the movie. Hahah i was sitting in between two of my really closest friends and there was one really sad scene and they started crying on my shoulder. Hahaha I started laughing like crazy during that part. Owh well, if you haven't watched the movie yet...GO AND WATCH!!!~ it's sooooo awesome and not because Orlando Bloom is in the movie.

As soon as the show finished, we started VAINING...yesh, when there's a whole lotta us....there's bound to be a camera somewhere in our bags. Ehehe...so yepppzzz here's some of the pics that we took. Hahahahs *lmao*

{ P.S. thankzzz SAM t, Mae Yune, Avienne and Czen for making me have fun that day. Love you lotttsss =)) any idea when we're gonna go out again???}