if you could change the way things are.
[JYR 2007]

I still love you. I really do. It’s a feeling where I think you’ll never be there for me like you used to. I’m scared. Maybe the rain wasn’t suppose to come just yet?…”- Scarlett Lechmere

__needing you by my side__

The much awaited camp for those of us who are under 15 and above 11? right! zone of insanity and crazy-ness...it was more than that actually. It was something like 'zone of screaming our lungs out, losing our voices, getting injured hands, and jumping for joy.'

This year's theme?- walking with God. Well, that was what the theme was suppose to be for the nametags. Special thanks to Miss Loke and Mister Thum for giving out ideas on what the nametags should be. After having to brainstorm for what names should we give the groups, we came up with shoebrands. Ahh! The usual- Nike' , Adidas and Fila. 3 groups were more than enough since there were just a handful of campers this year. The staff had the oppurtunity of being uhh 'BATA's' for 3 whole days =]

Being one of the staff and not a camper is a huge difference! I mean seriously, it's fun to minus marks for groups who actually aren't behaving and uhh yeah- it's just oodles of fun. It's great seeing them being tortured during physical jerk where they have to play a game of 'sit-squat-stand' in fast motion. HEH.

I'll just skim through the pictures really fast. Not much of close up shots since I had to be running around and helping out in practically most of the things in JYR.

We staff, - the 'BATA's' had tonnes of fun filling up water balloons when the rest of em' campers were asleep during siesta' time. After taking about an hour to do so, we managed to have 75 really gigantic-enormous water balloons. Miss Loke and I had to sit right behind in the van to take care of 3 heavy pails + 2 waste paper baskets full of water and balloons. AND believe me! the ride was a very bumpy one which made us both get really wet.

Mister Thum's idea of using elements such as 'fire, water, wind, electric and earth' as stations. NyeHAHAHA! Like I said, it feels really great to see em' campers getting tortured. And in my case, it was really FUN seeing them eating instant noodles without seasoning but with slices of onions and big chunky pieces of garlic + pepper...Oh gosh! You should see the look on their faces when they tasted the food they had to eat.

Mister Thum's station was the worst! - Many of them came back with bruised arms after completing their task as to making a human wheel barrow and the person below had to blow a marble to the finishing line.

Rocking Roommates- With them, You won't be able to sleep throughout the whole night. Even with me in their rooms, they knew that I won't be the one forcing them to sleep at 12. The funny thing about them is that, they can't get sniffy even if the aircond was about like 18degrees. I eventually had to sleep outside on the couch since it was super cold for me in there.

JYR ORGANIZERS of the yr 2007 : Miss Leow, Mister Thum, Miss Loke

Yeap, so that actually concludes this whole post. Can't really say much tho. If you want to know more- JYR 2008 will be coming up next year! HAH! ...

__maybe we're better off this way?
LAST days' of school - are normally the worst. Tho there weren't any of us who wept while hugging our close classmates, or or sitting at a corner and thinking about what's going to happen next year since *some of us* will actually be dropping a class lower and none of her friends will be with her???

Mhhm - I believe that there'll always be second chances to show other people what you can achieve in the near future *which will be approximately 1 year later?*

Ahh! Do you ever get what Sharon is saying?"

Answer: Maybe not?

NEXT POST : Junior Youth Retreat 2007
-a time of having fun and being in the 'zone of insanity and crazy-ness!'-



Since, I haven't really been living up to my standards as an 'active blogger' and all. I have decided to do a really spontaneous post filled with all sorts of random thoughts and some other non-logical sentences. So bear with me ya'll- it won't take long for me to say everything in one supposedly short/compact post or at least I think it'll be short and compact. But either way, I shall just cut to the chase.

SP camp, [somewhere near KL?- well the outskirts of KL actually] - special thanks to Sarah Thum who's been trying to make me feel at home, well she did! even if I was a little down during that whole camp, but I'd be even worse if she wasn't there. I can't really say much about what I did there tho, there wasn't really anything else besides playing with little kids [which sometimes, might be a little kiddy' but I can handle that], having chats and small conversations with Sarah, going swimming with all the little guys! and staying in bed reading up some novels I borrowed from my dearest SamChong, who'll be leaving us to head to Australia.

School life's been pretty easy for me actually. Playing a deck of UNO cards can always take you a long long way. Seriously! Whoever created that game was a genius. So yeah, I've mostly been doing the same thing in school for practically the whole week. With MaeYune around, finally! to keep us from being endlessly bored. HAH. We've been talking the whole day, singing a few songs and seeing who can reach the high notes [when Megan's around, who's currently on the way back from PortDickson], and playing UNO -which I managed to beat SamChong twice in a row. -Beat that Sammy =]

Is this compact enough??? HAHA! This post's actually kinda more than I had expected it to be. Anyways-

Happy Belated Birthday, to my niece __CARMEN KHOO!

I've been a real good uncle right right right ??? *as if!*


__life in a glass house__
__her 'GAY' book
book her you 'GAY' __

Okay...Picture this, shall we? If I were to be in KL right now, I'll most probably be getting myself ready for the 'BIG NIGHT'

"What's the 'Big Night'?" You may ask - It's the night I've been waiting to come for months! To cut a long story short and to not make myself feel like I'm exaggerating. [altho I really am] The BIG EVENT/NIGHT is uhhm, seeing Click Five perform in HardRock Cafe, KL.

Unfortunately, I'm sitting right across the dining table staring at the computer with both eyes wide open while regretting not being there with MaeYune, CarmenKhoo, and Tim?-watching Kyle Patrick as he soothingly sings out the lyrics of 'MaryJane' with lots of emotions and feelings? *drools*

Meh. Such fun they'll have there- screaming their lungs out when Click Five starts singing 'Flipside' or or or....'HappyBirthday'

Awhhkay, enough of that total dramatic effect~

On the other HAND-

A Random Fact That I've learned During The Whole Week

  • MaeYune + Sharon = UNsynchronized

HEH! XD - Being in the same canoe with my partner is superrr funn'. Seriously. Phrases that both of us kept repeating were-

"LEFT! Left, Left! - Eh, No WAIT, sharon/MaeYune -wrong way larrhh. RIGHT! Right, Right!- I SAID RIGHT!"

That's just how it is when You're in the same boat with your friend and and and, Ahh! I've never had this much fun since I was a little kiddo'? All Hail Megan Cheah, for inviting us to come and join her Youth on that very sunny day.


As you can see- these wonderful pictures of my beloved MOM! Doesn't her face just brighten up your day???

WARM Wishes to the Birthday Girl.
__till then