if you could change the way things are.
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Sue me for being online, sue me for not studying at this point of time...sue me for being the lazy person that I am.

The word `Bias.

Look up the dictionary and you'll find something like this -

'preference: an unfair preference for or dislike of something' or occasionally it could be someone.

Saringan today. One hell of a time if I may say so myself. Teachers are getting increasingly `bias nowadays. And it's not a good thing. (Personal incident, I shall not mention it here due to the presence of a whole lot of people) So if you happen to be interested in becoming a teacher of somewhat, never ever have that `bias-ness in your soul.

Moving on,

Mr. K forgot to put my name into 'tarik-tali' which resulted to me being stuck in Westland school doing nothing the whole time except cheering on my team mates who were gearing up for running 4 by 4 and throwing discs. I guess, it wasn't worth the wait since I wasn't actually involved in anything.

So, I ended up walking back to school alone. As I was walking, I noticed that I had to go through this really small alley way. [Small shouldn't be used as an adjective in this situation but who cares `la] This small alley way which brought back a whole lot of memories. Memories that I shouldn't mention.

Memories that got me thinking- 'Damn! Those were the days'

Those were the days...those were the days.

I'm getting carried away. Back to studying!

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Kids nowadays...

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Here's an update, finally...to keep the blog alive.

These days.

I've been down with a slight fever, a never ending flu, cough, aching bones which make you twitch whenever you're on the bed, lying down, cold hands and a really red pair of eyes. Need I say anymore?

"It must be the heat la. Everyday soooo hot. That's why la you get sick" That phrase has been repeated over and over again by my dad and occasionally the nurses whom I see whenever I visit the clinic.

A drug overdose, I must say. I, Sharon Leow Hsin Yuek has been given a task to complete my medication which happens to consist of a compilation of big, really small and rather hard pills to swallow.

That's my life.

Drama competition was awesome. We ended up in 3rd place and I gotta hand it to yeah, we did a pretty good job. And yeah, skipping classes for drama practises was entirely worth it.

- Drama Crew + Shaun ended up in Baskin's on V-day to celebrate.

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jkdvnoinhqioejgqwvaknvaklsdniogqev! `WE freakin' got a placing in Drama Competition.

Updates will be up soon!

Catch a glimpse of the amazing stylings of Laurie, Cassie and Kim, EMO kids of some sort, and other characters. They'll blow your mind!

return of miss sunshine.

SPECIAL THANKS TO NAB AND MAE for helping out with the new URL. I owe you girls a lifetime of chocolate/vanilla ice cream.

Aahh, random-random-random thoughts.
-Amelia Yeoh
-Sharon Leow
-Stephanie Mok
-Nurul Nabila
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-Megan Cheah
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[did I miss anyone out?]
-Chew Yan Y
-Sharon Leow
-Megan Cheah
-Amelia Yeoh
-Avienne Low
-Megan Cheah
-Hoe Mae Yune
-Sharon Leow

[Readers, do pray for every single one of us. The word `US includes everyone. From main characters to crew members and even singers]

We need all the support we can get.

New post coming up soon.