if you could change the way things are.
__the emo purse claimers : mae, megan, sharon__
Quote of the day: 'Mae???!!! Oh my gosh!'

Heck, I'm back...and I'm feeling happy as ever!!! Thanks to the de-EMOlizer crew [ mae yune and megan ]....thanks a bunch.

1. Each blogger must repost these rules.
2. Each blogger have to rant 8 random facts/habits of themselves.
3. List 5 ppl to be tagged.
4. Drop by their blog and let them know that they've been "TAGGED!".

8 Facts About Me

[1] I'm not Sharon anymore...
-and that's a statement. Yeah so I'm not who I used to be actually. I don't talk as much as I use to and I've turned into such a hot head...a bitch actually if you count all the times I've been pissing many of you all off- sorry people! I shall try my best to not RAMBLE AND RANT bout my personal life anymore and start thinking bout others for a change =]

[2] Low self esteem is ME
-Yeap! I do have low self esteem...hmmm I don't even know where to start on that...I'm the kind of person who gets real afraid when people start judging me when they don't even know me!...mhhm hmmm...I need confidence don'tcha think so?

[3] I have the SAME nightmares
-It's been a norm for me to have nightmares daily...I used to watch Sleeping Beauty when I was 6 and I got reeaalll scared bout that creepy blue and black witch who comes out of the fireplace..Jeepers! I'm still having that nightmare.

[4] Friends are ones I keep close to my heart
- Without all of em', I wouldn't be able to survive in this world...Haah! They cheer me up when I'm down...They encourage me when I'm about to give up...&& they stick with me through thick and thin.

[5] I'm NOT EMO!
- Get this straight...*smiles*...Sharon is not emo, she never will be in a million kazillion years. From this day on, she shall try to be more optimistic and she's gonna try to think on the bright side even though things maybe dragging her down. haah! =]

[6] I LOVE ice cream...
- Yeap..the statement says it all actually. I really do love ice cream...mhhmm any flavour will do. Haah! ~ the rich texture of cream...the sweet stuff which melts on your tongue ~ okay tht's kinda getting abit gross...Haah! dang.

[7] Sharon and Josh Duhamel
- *smiles*...he's my all time favourite guy yeah know ??? Well currently yeah...whooaaa he's just looking a million bucks in Transformers and arrhhh!...I'd wish to be Fergie for one day...*day dreams....*

[8] I hate COPIES!
- Get your own sense of style. So it's not really a fact bout me! But I'm standing up for one of my dearest friends in the bunch =] Fakes are something I dislike...Get a life! *P.S. to readers...sorry if I'm being abit mean today*

Haah! I shall tag- No one??? ahh ! those of you who would love to do it, then you should...It's time to showcase that 8 interesting facts bout yourself.

Ohh and 'some person' made up this word today haah!

Damn- Water is flowing out through the dam...

*it's suppose to be funny* =]

Maybe we’re better off this way?
It’s better that we break,