if you could change the way things are.
__her cow does NOT say bow-wow__

Well, the picture says it all actually- I am MISSING my dearest partner, MaeYune. Arrgghhh- Now I'm just being cheesy but I seriously do miss her...

Haah! All those times we spent together...and...and...did i mention me and mae were having a really RANDOM conversation- heeh! ...Check out her blog if you'd like to know...

News>> Last Post till after I come back from Bangkok. [arrggh! Bangkok better have nice guys who are not :

(a) -bald???

(b) - gender confused???!!!

...or else...haah! I'll just go guy hunting with SamTang next time heeh! -she's currently in KL staring at hawwttt foreigners ...haah! *was just joking aite'?*]

Currently : trying to finish her Sejarah Folio
completing her -oh-so-really-long-english-essay

and did i mention my brother has A BLOG! haah!- if you like typo's and funny sarcastic remarks...you can check it out...i linked him..arrgghh- but he'll get bored of blogging-TRUST ME

Heart is full And world's amiss;
The stain upon my shadow resists.
All the bleach I've poured on my skin
Leaves me pale and lying thin.

Mind unsure Of all I know;
The sin upon my shadow begins.
With my own doubt
I choke from within

It matters not,
What's eaten me;
With my own tongue I've sealed my fate;
With my own blood have lost my tale

The stain upon my shadow begins