if you could change the way things are.
MaeYune's Sleepover/Be-early birthday party

Yeah! i've finally got em' pictures. Actually, I kinda turned up late to her slumber party and I couldn't witness her 'so-called-candle-blowing-cake' session- Sorry dear MaeYune. So, when I finally did arrive at her place [ which was just a few feet away from Caleb's house ] - all of em' were already there in their 'so-called-sleeping gowns???' and having one hell of a time.

'Pictures do paint a thousand words don't they' - quoted by my brilliant partner-HoeMaeYune

Mhhm...after having finished taking snapshots and errmm...doing other stuff???- Thanks to Me and my REALLY BIG MOUTH, I just blurted out that I was really hungry...So we girls went downstairs for our little snack!

RUM ICE CREAM + CAKE PUDDING is the best yeah know ???!!!

I ended up sleeping real late- Mae's room was super cold Haah! and I couldn't survive in the room so I just wandered in the toilet and I kinda ended up dozing off to sleep there...I know, I know!!! It's weird- But what the HECK???!!! I was cold and blanket-less...And thanks to Danielle (God bless her heart *smiles*) - She lowered down the temperature of the aircond and I went back to mae's sis's room WITH A BLANKET this time.

Waking up at 8 something was harrddd! But I made it through- Haah! I was fascinated at MaeYune's house- so I decided I take some snap shots of her 'REALLY-REALLY-NICE-HOUSE'

To Person: You know who you are-Heeh! Here are the pictures you wanted to look at of mae's house??? cool aite'???!!!

'The people I can't live without'

Ahhh!!! I finally got to take a picture with the 'ohh-so-famous-bear-of-mae's'

Awwwh! Before I left mae's House- I saw this picture of HER !!!! Isn't she just adorable>???

mhhm- so tht's bout it...
P.S.-Mae, I had a good time...Gonna miss you loads this whole week!!!

Raging tempest afflicts the wounded soul,
From deep within it lashes out in fury -
In agony, the man lies low,
Torn between its inherent duty,
"What is left of my wounded soul?""
Where shall I seek another?"
Like the sweeping darkness,
-It swallows him whole,
All that’s left is wretchedness,
All that remain is but a hole,