if you could change the way things are.
Quote of the day:
'With your brains and MY LOOKS, we can RULE THE world...Nyahahah'

Okay, so i've finally updated after the really long trip in Bangkok...and HECK i'm missing school!- Haah!...mhhm so I'll just skim really quickly what I did during the hols.

Results: All I can say is, they don't have hott Thai guys Haah!- I'm serious. If there are I'd still give the scale of 0.5 to 10?

3 things I found really amusing in Bangkok:
(a) Motorcyclist there have REALLY-really stylish helmets- As in they have really nice patterns and stickers on em' *grins to herself*
(b) Thai people LOVE to wear yellow shirts. But it's prolly their uniform or something.
(c) They have really colourful taxis [ some even come in shocking pink...&& ORANGE! ]

BANGKOK- The village of the Olive trees *pfffttt*. In Sharon's opinion, it should be BANGKOK - The village of big shopping centers and uhh hot-american-foreigner-guys???!!! Haah! that would be the day.
Looking down to Bangkok from the highest building and the tallest floor is uhh...how do I put it???- Just amazing...You should seriously see the traffic jam here ! It's massive. I mean it seriously amazes me when I just gaze at the really REALLY big picturesque scenery.

Did I mention they have a wide variety of shops in the morning market??? Haah! They sell pets yeah know! ARRHHH I want a dogg! Anyone wants to sponsor???
I've got a COOL 10 year old brother...be VERY jealous!!!
&&...They even sell Ferraris and Lamborghinis???!!! Hell yeah!
The really famous Murcielago and Gallardo! [ If you play Need For Speed - You should be able to figure em' out ]

I couldn't have picture it annay better...So yeah, maybe BANGKOK is a bit dirrttyy....okay scratch that ! maybe alot- but...but...It's something I've never experience before.
So that's practically bout what I've been doing all this while during the hols. mhhm...tune it another day if I actually have the heart to update another one of em' posts...

[-state emo poem here-]