if you could change the way things are.
__ edited version of the comic strip__

"Life is shorter"-megan...sharon interupts "Shorter than you think..." So me and megan were having a really serious conversation in class today. Ever since his death [insert name], it has triggered my point of view about how I view life as...To me, life's just some really boring routine we go through every day. And it has been for me actually...I'm seriously messed up!- arrhh! This past week has been trashy actually and...and...from now on- I'm gonna make full use of my life...No more thinking that everyday is a BAD DAY and etc. So yeah, I do have ups-and-downs but I shall be like the little miss sunshine everyone thinks I am.

on the other hand...

Dear megancheahmayern,
[Lets start with the basics]- I've known you for almost 2 years now. 'The girl who can sing really good' - that's what I used to think bout you. We normally glance at each other during our choir practises last year. And it turns out you were friends with Chandini. So I guess that's how we became friends.

As year 2007 approached, I was transfered to the same class as you. And we started mingling more than we did the past year. Sure! There has been ups-and-downs in our friendship but we stuck with each other through thick and thin...*HAHA just like Friday and Robinson Crusoe aite`???*
Hah!...&& we started sharing secrets and telling what-happened-last week-in-church stories...Ahh- you know what I mean dont'you?

Thanks for :
[a] being a great friend the whole time.
[b] cheering me up when I'm down which practically happened everyday in school. [You and MaeYune are super-duper awesommmeee]
[c] all those funny times we had.
[d] giving me advice when I'm about to do something really stupid...You always manage to get me going even though I've already given up.
[e] creating funny phrases and sending me really lame pictures to make my day!