if you could change the way things are.
__my random thoughts__
Sooooo, 'thecombandthedino' updated already, I guess it's my turn to do so, then.

-This shall be my last post till after exams- unless I actually have the inspiration to write something else??? Ahh, HECK!


-Seriously, without friends like Mae Yune and Megan- you'll most probably die [as in LITERALLY]. They're both bundles of joy, no??? HAH! They'll light up your life when you're sadd...So yeehh! Where was I?

Ahh - random thoughts, random conversations with mae and megan-

Thursday: Assignment for Science- trace out pictures of animals and cut em' out.

MaeYune drew a rabbit! HAH! At least she thought it was a rabbit...who's the 'it' i'm talking bout- Well, it's the one and only nutty hamster just right below.

[state conversation]:

Mae Yune: I'm drawing the really cute rabbit from Lilo and Stitch

Sharon: Dear, it's not a RABBIT! It's a hamster...

Mae Yune: It's a rabbit - look at the long ears...

Sharon: Heloooo! It's name is HAMSTERviel [I looked up the name]- HAMSTER??? It's just probably one bad mutated hamster...

Mae Yune: Ohhh!

MATH! This is what happens when the cam is just next to your study table?- It took me 2 whole friggin' hours to solve all of em' problems XD

Ahh! And this is what happens when you don't get a single darn thing you're doing. I can't make out how do you get a 90 degrees angle with the position from both the points...&& - I'm lost???

&. ♪ [ the mixed tape. ] ` маe yune. } ♥ says:

alright, remember to say that maeyune is awesome.

&. ♪ [ the mixed tape. ] ` маe yune. } ♥ says:

.. or i'll kill you in your sleep.

&. ♪ [ the mixed tape. ] ` маe yune. } ♥ says:


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