if you could change the way things are.
PROMUSICA @ Dewan Sri Pinang was a hit. Yeah, if you do appreciate OPERA singing as in real opera singing, GO FOR IT! The performers there are super professionals and they hit notes which normal people like me can't- HAH! && they have LOUD voices too which is a really good thing or we couldn't have heard a single thing they're singing.

and - guess who I met there-> my auntie NICOLE. She was there ushering the audience in. I guess tht's what CGL students have to do when this concert's to help CGL in whaat again??? fund raising??? Ahh well! It's worth it going to the concert and seeing my auntie ushering in her 'guides uniform' *smiles*

- This is what happens when you don't set the flash for your camera XD

Ohh! If you observe this picture properly, as in seriously stare at it although the picture's kinda blur- tht blond guy actually looks like PRINCE CHARMING in Shrek. And he has NICE hair you know??? Yeah! I fell in love with the guy's hair not the guy for once. His hair is super flippy and when he takes a bow, it flips alot *grins*

During the interval, Chandini's dance teacher's husband came up to her and said this > "I think you should call your parents now- rumor has it, there's gonna be a tsunami". When he said that we were like > " Haiyah! It won't happen one larrhh!- It's just some rumor"

Turns out, My dad messaged me during the concert and he sent me a text which said that there might be a tsunami HAH! and I was freaking out like crazy...Me and Megan ran out of the auditorium and started calling everyone from our phonebook list HEHE! We ain't 'chickens' or anything...but you might never know- Prevention is better than cure especially in this case.

Ahh but we had funn trying to figure out who would go to the beach at this time of the night and trying to figure out friend's cellphone numbers...mhhm. So yeah, it was an extremely funn night-
Ohh and did I mention- I got dimerited for talking during assembly *whooo big shocker there* HAH! Ahh- I feel so rejuvenated but sadd...HeH! I shall just earn my merit marks back then. No biggy.