if you could change the way things are.
[__you're superficial> I'm a MISFIT__]
SPEECH DAY 2007 >>>

Some serious candid photos we took for funn during speech day today- more to come ...

Ahh! I love this picture- We were NUTS while this photo was taken...I mean who stands on a table and stretch their hands out in the air while laughing like some freaky maniac???

Maybe that maniac ain't really that freaky...she got everyone to join in the act too yeah know???
Gucci's next top MODEL- special appearance...MEGAN CHEAH MAY ERN

Chanel's next top MODEL-... Yours truly [if only she didn't smile in that snapshot! arrhh!]

This was suppose to be some kind of scene where the hott guy attracts all the girls!!! But we couldn't stop laughing XD

I ended up bursting into laughter...I can never act EMO!!! Not even in this picture...Chandini thinks the whole picture is focussing on the cute chubby cheeks and not on the saddd face.

Awwhhkaay, enough of all those happy pictures- Back to the words and not the candid photos.
SECRETS. That's one big word actually don'tcha think so??? Like I said before, You can NEVER judge people...*stares into outer space* I mean, they're just acting like some really distant friend cause there might be something wrong and you'll never know what it is actually. I'm messed up actually. I take little things for granted yeah know??? and sometimes what I have, other people don't!- Arrrhh *note to self - be thankful for what I have [ although it may seem like such a small thing ]*

&&__ Happy BIRTHDAY MAGES!!!___