if you could change the way things are.
_lameness + random-ness = <33
Austin F. 'I think I'm gay...'
Josh L. 'Yeah you are! And I'm the queen of England'

And she's finally back from all the hustle and bustle she's been having for the whole month. No more having to wake up in the middle of the night again
[which will be approximately at 2.00 a.m.] and having to study till the early morning- just like how megan calls it, ayy??? *Burning the midnight oil* (or maybe the morning oil - cause uhh it's early in the morning-Okay, you know what? - that didn't make sense)

So yeah, I'm finally free to do 'whatever I want' and 'whatever she wants to do' includes:

[1] Having to go see The Click Five perform in HardRock Care, KL - on the 7th of November!
[*stretches out hands and starts praying* 'GOD! Please make me an 18-year old for a day'-Though it wouldn't actually happen in a MILLION YEARS- but I can dream, can I???!

[2] Repiercing my ears. [After the really funny looking sight of my right ear, I've decided to let my ear hole close. Meh. And have it pierced again? - That's just how much I want to have an ear hole or else I might as well be letting the other side close too.] Okay okay, no more disgusting facts. People, get a hold of yourself~

[3] COOKING with MEGAN - That girl's got alot of cooking talent in her body- Ahh, the sweet aroma of her spagg covered with mushroom sauce just floods into my mind everytime I think of Italian Food! She's a real great cook and i seriously need to start learning if I ever want to be like Jamie Oliver- HAHA! *never going to happen* when I grow up.

[4] Movie Marathon/Sleepover with friends
-Who's up for watching 8 shows in a row??? I know, I am. *maeyune, when's the date again???*

[5] Shoe shopping with MaeYune!- Watch out Queensbay/Gurney . We're on a run for a pair of new shoes each. And I asked the 'expert' this time to follow me. Her opinion on what to wear and what NOT to wear is waaayy better than mine.

[6] Spending time with that *special someone*
Tht's my main priority- and I want to do so-Ahh! The title just says it all Larrh.

So tht's bout my whole list. On the other hand, my dearest left me in school alone for two whole days to watch the Black Eyed Peas perform in Genting. *If you happen to talk to Josh Duhamel, give me a call- ayy???- I'll be happy to answer*

Ohh and take a really good look at this vid. Some dude with a really big wig on his head {it suits him} This whole beat boxing thing is super slick! XD

Mhmm well, till then ayy???