if you could change the way things are.
"sharon's an a** and .HE. rocks my world"- as in seriously! He does XD"


1. The person who tagged you is: The greatest partner ever lived?- HoeMaeYune

2. Your relationship with him/her: Classmates/Bestfriends/Somewhat like sisters???/partners

3. Your 5 impressions of him/her: HoeMaeYune = the cutest partner i've ever had, someone who actually listens to you when you're having a bad time?, her great sense of humour, she'll make A GREAT MOM, uhhm perky???! Nawhh! she's just who she is- in that perky maeyune way.

4. The most memorable thing that he/she has done for you: Oh gosh! I can't even start- there's tonnes to actually remember- thanks mae! you rock.

5. The most memorable words that he/she has said to you: HAHAH! I guess it would be the time when we were having our 'sejarah' lesson and I wasn't actually paying attention due to fact that i was reading a story book?

sharon said " sorry mae, i should be setting a good example, right???"
mae said "i'm surprised you haven't finished the book yet!"

[dearest readers, you might never get this cause it's too insane, most probably???]

6. If he/she will become your lover, you will: Uhh, HAHAH! nowaaayyy- it'll never happen so I'm not going to start imagining?

7. If he/she becomes your lover, things he/she will have to improve on will be: Sharon says " It'll never happen!"

8. If he/she becomes your enemy, you will: start thinking "where did I go wrong???"

9. If he/she become your enemy, the reason being will be: Not getting along with her in class???- which I hope, it'll never happen again.

10. The most desired thing you want to do for him/her now is: GIVE HER A HUG! she needs one- but uhh she doesn't really need one from me tho.

11. Your overall impression of him/her is: MaeYune's rad cause Sharon says so.

12. How do you think people around you feel about you: Mhhm, the girl who actually shakes the whole earth due to her really big mouth!

13. The character you love of yourself is: My...my...Uhh...*scratches head* - characteristics??? got that, i got that???- still not getting any???!!!

14. On the contrary, the character you hate of yourself is: Being that person who actually cares what other people think about her??? Her lack of self-esteem.

15. The most ideal person you want to be: [state ideal person's name]

16. Pass this quiz to 10 people: [I drew lots for this one, HEH]

1. MaeYune 2. MeganCheah 3. SamanthaChong 4. MarilynKee 5.Isaac 6.Jeremy 7.HuiMei 8.Andrew 9. JoshTan 10. JoyceLim

17. Who is 6 [Jeremy] having relationship with? -Uhh should I be asking him???-I currently have no clue.

18. Is no.9 [JoshTan] a male or a female? -He's not a female, tht's all I know - which makes him a male. Duhh.

19. If no.7 [HuiMei] and 10 [JoyceLim] are together, will it be a good thing? -I'll invite myself to their wedding and see whether it actually happens or not. You might never know!

20. How about no.8 [Andrew] and 5 [Isaac]? Whooaaa! Big difference there- I'll attend their wedding too!

21. What is no.2 [MeganCheah] studying about? Mae thinks it's Chris Evans, I think it's uhh ___ well, I don't know actually!

22. When was the last time you had a chat with no.3 [SamanthaChong]? In school? uhh, Girl Guides Project.

23. What kind of music band does no.8 [Andrew] likes? Whooaaa Maann- I have actually no idea. I guess he's got a big variety of fave bands he likes

24. Does no.1 [MaeYune] have any siblings? Yeah she does__mhhm what's her sister's name again???

25. Will you woo no.3 [SamanthaChong]? Never in my whole entire life, she's taken.

26. Is no.4 [MarilynKee] single? Yeahh but she's still waiting for that special him to show up.

27. What's the surname of no.5 [Isaac]? Mr. Isaac Lim

28. What's the hobby of no.4 [MarilynKee]? uhhm, dancing, singing???

29. Do no.5 [Isaac] and no.9 [JoshTan] get along well? Heck, Yeah they do.

30. Where is no.2 [MeganCheah] studying at? ThesameschoolIstudyat?

31. Say something about no.1 [MaeYune]? MATT CORBY! I got his name right, did I???

32. Have you tried developing feelings for no.8 [Andrew]? HAHAH! seriously???!!! can this tag get any worse?

33. Where does no.9 [JoshTan] live at? Penang. Somewhere in the world?

34. What colour(s) do(es) no.4 [MarilynKee] like(s)?PINK???BLACK?I'm out of ideas at the moment.

35. Are no. 5 [Isaac] and 1 [MaeYune] best friends? Wait! Do they know each other??? I forgot.

36. Does no.7 [HuiMei] like no.2 [Megan]? Yeaaahh, they're friends. That counts.

37. How did you get to know no.2 [Megan]? My good ol' choir buddy- who sings really really GOOD!

38. Does no.1 [MaeYune] have any pets? YES she does, and I had to ask her that! Pebbles!!! the cute little doggie???

39. Is no.7 [HuiMei] the sexiest person in the world? Whooo - Yeah she is!!! You rock Hui!

NOTE : YOU'VE BEEN TAGGED. :D [Awwwhh shucks, I kinda re-tagged the people, maeyune tagged??? EHEH!_ a thousand apologies]

Thanks *YOU* , you totally do ROCK MY WHOLE WORLD- and I'm glad <33