if you could change the way things are.
"what's _ _ _ _ _ doing there?"

"he's the driver!"

"what's _ _ _ _ _ _ doing there???"


Mhmm, you won't actually get that phrase but it has been bugging me ever since yesterday- thanks to 'Megan && Company'__

Just a short post to keep you people busy by staring right at your computer with blank expressions and trying to make out -what the heck?- is sharon writing...it's all crapp, i know.

OOhhh! newws- someone's got front row tickets to BEP! *smiles* ahh- P.S. you should get me an autograph aite???!!! Heheh Just Kidding.

And ohh yeah! I've finally changed my blog song- Yeap, the old one was abit too crappy-

_"childish larrhh, just like sharonn" - HAH!- which is kind of true, i guess- Hey! I just like Jonatha's voice, it's just soooo uhhm peaceful???

~song plays~ _I'll try but it's so hard to believe, I'll try~_ *PAUSE*-
[you people won't get this either] XD

Anyways, did I mention Death Cab for Cutie rocks my world- I mean seriously!, It totally calms me down especially when I'll be having exams tomorrow and I haven't actually finish Robinson Crusoe-ing or Kapten Hassan-ing either- I've been rewinding the whole song again and again...Ahh! -serenity-

YOU PEOPLE SHOULD LISTEN TO IT__ special thanks to my dear friend Mae, who mentioned it to me before [=