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__her 'GAY' book
book her you 'GAY' __

Okay...Picture this, shall we? If I were to be in KL right now, I'll most probably be getting myself ready for the 'BIG NIGHT'

"What's the 'Big Night'?" You may ask - It's the night I've been waiting to come for months! To cut a long story short and to not make myself feel like I'm exaggerating. [altho I really am] The BIG EVENT/NIGHT is uhhm, seeing Click Five perform in HardRock Cafe, KL.

Unfortunately, I'm sitting right across the dining table staring at the computer with both eyes wide open while regretting not being there with MaeYune, CarmenKhoo, and Tim?-watching Kyle Patrick as he soothingly sings out the lyrics of 'MaryJane' with lots of emotions and feelings? *drools*

Meh. Such fun they'll have there- screaming their lungs out when Click Five starts singing 'Flipside' or or or....'HappyBirthday'

Awhhkay, enough of that total dramatic effect~

On the other HAND-

A Random Fact That I've learned During The Whole Week

  • MaeYune + Sharon = UNsynchronized

HEH! XD - Being in the same canoe with my partner is superrr funn'. Seriously. Phrases that both of us kept repeating were-

"LEFT! Left, Left! - Eh, No WAIT, sharon/MaeYune -wrong way larrhh. RIGHT! Right, Right!- I SAID RIGHT!"

That's just how it is when You're in the same boat with your friend and and and, Ahh! I've never had this much fun since I was a little kiddo'? All Hail Megan Cheah, for inviting us to come and join her Youth on that very sunny day.


As you can see- these wonderful pictures of my beloved MOM! Doesn't her face just brighten up your day???

WARM Wishes to the Birthday Girl.
__till then