if you could change the way things are.
how can you be sure?_
'I don't know'

A phrase which I've been using for the past [state how many] weeks. Some people ask 'why', some people ask 'how' ...I give them a straight answer... I don't know- Okay, I'm predicting that you people out there'll be wondering what I'm actually portraying here? but uhh, the answer is - I don't know?! Hmmm, how shall I put it? Things are a little different these days and it won't ever be the same like it used to. And maybe I'm just in a state of confusion at this point of time, still wondering what to do and all. Trying to cope with the frustation, everything that's been lost and thinking to myself, is this all a dream, cause if it is, I need to get out of this whole nightmare?- OKAY, this is seriously getting no where, but arrh...I don't know...

To the happier side of things,

It's great having to see old friends again, and seeing them all just brings back all the memories. Headed to Gurney in the afternoon with Mae, Hui, Chan, Sam and Megan. And I gotta hand it to Disney' - For the first time in ages, I've been able to laugh my butt off the chair the whole time in the cinema while watching Enchanted'. I'm serious- and yeah, the show's really funny...You can definitely tell by the way, I got hooked onto the theme song of the movie. HAH

Sleepovers are fun. Thanks MaeYune and Megan- You girls mean alot to me, and without you on Saturday night, would've been boring. So we didn't really actually got to the part where we start talking till morning...heh! But watching a movie which involves Scarlett and Chris Evans was kinda interesting especially when you'll be sitting next to Megan who could not sit still during the whole movie when she sees uhh...I shall not go into the details.

My dear MaeYune slept right after the movie- and well, who could blame her? She had Jap. exams the next day...So while she was sleeping, Megan was doing her own thing, and well, I was staring out into space...As you can see, we were bored.

Eventually sneaked out. Took a stroll downstairs. And it kinda led to other impossible things which you can never think of...HAHAH- but yeah, I had fun.

Last but not least, [I know I'm too late...]

Happy Belated Birthday
Joshua Tan
-thanks for everything you've done- you rock!