if you could change the way things are.
still waiting_
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> maeyune!
-MAEYUNE, womaannn...you're finally back from China. Can't wait to go out again. Ahh! Shall we continue on our shoe hunt in Gurney?

> wei-lynn
- yes we're lucky...i mean seriously! how can 3 close friends be in the same group in YouthCamp. That is waayyy FINAL LEVEL! hahah

> SamC
- Sammy, a thousand apologies for not attending your family christmas party! I'll make it up to you...Steffi, I promise.

> joshua
- yeah mann! whenever i have the time to update. I'm currently feeling real lazy to do so. Heheh. =]

- Heyy nab! merry christmas to you too... thanks for being ever so thoughtful to be tagging my blog at uhh 1.22 a.m.

-right back at yeah!

- hey mommy! can't wait to go out with you soon. Whenever that is =D

-Aiii, best male camper ayy? - hahah rock on dude...oh and thanks for the encouragement the other day...ahh you know when!

- heyy you! yeah will do soon.

- miss loke! thanks so much...heheh will update as soon as possible.

>Pastor Victor
- Hey, I've been doing great...getting better each day. HAHAH. Thanks for asking btw.

The long and awaited POST WILL BE UP SOON...whenever sharon's turn into the opposite of lazy.