if you could change the way things are.
15 chapters of my life
So it's been a year already.

Time really does fly with full speed and a rocket blaster to give it full force?

And well, there are times where I'd stare right in front of the mirror and start comparing on how I'd looked like the previous year and the current one.

A big difference, to tell you the truth.

Looking back on the whole entire year, I've noticed how there've been many enjoyable events, many happy moments, many bad happenings, many memorable phases in my life. All which've made me into a stronger person than I was before.

I smiled and had smile muscle cramps. I laughed till I had tummy aches. I cried streams of tears. I had my fun-times. I had my not-so-fun times. I tried my best. I was rejected. I lost friends. I made new friends. At times, I felt like the happiest person alive. And some other times, I'd feel like I didn't deserve to live anymore. Happy moments. Sad moments.

All of which I couldn't have gone through without the helping hand of many friends. So here's to all of you who've always been thoughtful ones, who've always tried your best to make me smile.

And everynow and then. I thank God for all of you! I thank God for making me special. For making my life special. Making my life worthwhile with friends who care, family members who love me to the fullest.

So here's a post specially dedicated to all of you. Thank you.

You people rock my world.