if you could change the way things are.
can you see?
As tonight's starting to bore me up, I decided to take the emancipation to wish happy birthday to the girls whom I've grown up with during the start of my adolescent years till now. Both whom have been a great blessing to me and to others.

To the girl I've known for 'just-simply-can't-count-how-many' years,
To the girl who's turned my life outside down.
To the girl with a joyous, mirthful, vivacious personality.
To the girl who's been a great support to me as I struggled with many obstacles in life.
To the girl who's brought me happiness.

Thanks for every thing you've done in my life. Tho I know we don't go a long way back. But having you as a friend has truly brighten up each and everyday of my life. Thank you for all the times you've made me laugh my butt off. Thank you for all the times, you've carefully taken care of me as I was feeling a little lonely. Thank you for all the encouragement you've given to me whenever I was trying to cope with my life. Thank you for the many times we've argued. Thank you for the times we've made up after having an arguement. All which's made me stronger.

You're a huge impact in many young lives today. Never give up, Marilyn Kee! Know that you've got friends who'd watch your back, stand by your side whenever you're in need. Happy belated birthday once again. May God bless you as you continue to serve him day by day.

To Beverly!

My pudgy little friend from south zone. Being the more spontaneous one, we got along pretty well, causing chaos to the Mighty Warriors at South Zone. Time passed quickly and it was a pity I had to move over to another zone.

Having you as a friend, is just PURE FUN to the max. With a sanguine personality like yours, both boisterous and loud, it's no wonder you get along well with many others in the community. Bev, you've got an awesome personality! Make everyday special. Give God all the glory.

Happy Birthday!

I'm done.