if you could change the way things are.
If i were to give a write-up on this year's annual youthcamp, I'd skip the formalities, I'd screw all the overrated phrases like "ooooooohhhh! YOUTH CAMP was AWESOME, as ALWAYS". This year, I've giving it a tinge of difference. Five days in Hosba Valley could've been tiring considering that it's quite a distance from the hall where we had most of the programs to the dorms we were sleeping in, but I'm truly amazed on how God came down and visited each and everyone of our hearts during that period of time. A life changing 5 day camp if i may say so myself, one which has given us all the opportunity to experience God in many different ways, be set free from the many bondages we held on to and to be transformed to follow him for eternity.

How's that for a change from a simple "YOUTH CAMP WAS FUN!"??!!!

On the other hand, I find the environment different. Something we all need to get away from all those built in air-conditioning service rooms with nice morning call facilities from the lobby! Bathrooms were clean too! Tho i attempted to fix a certain shower???

My brain needs to recharge. And really, that's all i could come up with at the moment.