if you could change the way things are.

Beberapa tahun sudah lalu, dan ku tidak akan melupai mu, Nabila...
Lets scratch out the attempts on making this a radical post, shall we? After all, it was by luck that I surprisingly did alright for BM? Anymoo! Here's to you Nab. The bestest of best friends any girl could ever have.
Thank you for 8 years of countless moments of joy and neverending laughter. Thank you for the fun times we've shared as acquaintences, buddies, friends, partners and sisters. Thank you for all the tiring games you'd create when we were 8 on the field, thank you for the times we'd play 'happy family', 'doctors and nurses' and 'mama's cookie shop' during our primary years. Thank you for the times, YOU GOT ME IN TROUBLE IN CLASS WHEN I WANTED TO COPY YOUR EXERCISES! I'll miss it all! Oh, how I'd miss the times when we'd start side tracking after doing Math when we were form 3. I'll miss those moments when we'd start singing to Demi Lovato's/Busted's songs or even imitating Ryan Higa with Chuin! I'll miss those days when I'd annoy you with Twilight facts which WE ALL KNOW you despise! I'll miss having to discuss with you about History and Geography! I'll miss BACKWARDS DAY, you stupidly created! I'll miss having to watch you sit cross-legged under the table to read your harry potter novel whenver you felt our subject teachers were much of a bore!
Little things but nevertheless, very significant in my life.
Truly, you've been an amazing friend and ex-partner! Your witty personality which has never failed to make me giggle in school. Your boisterous and loud character whenever you felt like entertaining me with another one of your lame statements! Your love and care whenever I felt like giving up, whenever I felt like I wasn't on the right path in life. All of which has impacted my life tremendously and has changed me for the better. I can never thank you enough, Nab!
Nab, don't let fear hold you back from doing whatever you want to do in your life. But most importantly never give up, instead, hold on to what you believe in and move forward! Once more, best wishes for the future! May you continue to rock on as an awesommmeeeee friend!
With lots of love,
Your partner (2008)