if you could change the way things are.

This morning I woke up,
This morning I thought,
I pondered on and on about it,
Till the sun went down,
Till everything was painted in darkness,
Till now,
I'm in need of portugese egg tarts!

Oh what tantalizing taste they have!

On the other hand, there's too much to say at the moment. I couldn't care less of updating anything else about the holidays.
Religious Emphasis week starts tomorrow! That's where the fun begins. Another opportunity for students to dedicate/rededicate their lives to God.
Once done, Recess REVO. Which I honestly think, is something I can never be patient about. I sense, there's something happening. And this time, it's God-sent.
Chemistry is giving me headaches. I recuperate by playing Waka-Waka. Which I think I'm turning obsessed.
It's hookishly interesting actually. Not as interesting as my egg tarts though.