if you could change the way things are.
Road trip to KL -fireBRANDS
A quaint little hotel with huge plasma screen TV's accomodated us for the specific 3 days.

We can't get enough of huge mirrors in small little hotels, can we?!

BEEF and mutton satay will suffice whenever we're starved!

Satay tends to get sanguines high.

PacMAN revived!

An identical version of Garfield, only cooler and very passionate to see the Youth of Malaysia take a stand in our world today.

The couple in action!
Oversized BACON wrapped burgers might get you a ticket to the next Biggest Loser's series. Watch out Andrew?!
The onion ringERS!

Mutton for dinner.

Nicole's version of saying "OH MYYY GOSHHH!"

Curry mee for supper knocks your socks off!

We taboo-ed!

Work out session starts now! Get your free exercise at any escalator in any shopping mall!