if you could change the way things are.
a walk in the park.

Beau Bristow's concert could've been the BEST acoustic guitarist-drummist-electrisict-baser one man show! It's amazingly awesome to think people like him can be so talented just by pressing pedals and recording different effects...okay that wasn't entirely through! Everybody could do that but not as well as he could. I REEK AT COORDINATION! God does give us talents. And what should we do?! Use it like Beau, to glorify God's name be it performing for many fans out there whom I'm pretty sure by now would want him to come back for another pedalling performance! He's gone through a whole lot, witnessing the death of his grandparents when he was in his teens, losing a girl to another guy no matter how charming and heart wrenching (in a good way) he is! *Pictures anyone?!