if you could change the way things are.
The boy

To the boy who'd made me jealous when mom was hospitalized 12 years ago.

To the boy who'd got all the attention among all the older aunties and uncles during an occasion while I got stuck sulking at the corner.

To the boy who'd steal my chicken portions and mash potato in Kentucky's when we were young.

To the boy who'd insist on following me to all my girl sleepovers, and would kick up a storm if he didn't have his way.

To the boy who wouldn't be afraid to play "jump on the springy bed and sing" with his sister when we were on vacation.

To the boy who'd show off his rap skills when we were on the highway.

To the boy who'd impersonate Family Guy's show toons and funny character phrases when we're stuck in the jam.

To the boy who'd want to sit next to me at every meal during the day.

To the boy who'd cuddle up with me when he had a nightmare a long long time ago.

To the boy who'd hog my favourite chocolate bars in the refrigerator and wouldn't allow me to eat his share of potato chips.

To the boy, I'll find at the computer desk with his knees folded in an upright position everytime I come home from school.

To the boy who's taught me how to watch Naruto.

To the boy who'd humiliate me in front of my friends telling them my past crushes.

To the boy whom I have no trouble telling him my secrets.
To the boy who'd check up on me everytime I'm studying and before I go to bed.

To the boy who was willing to spent an entire night out with 14 of my school friends on Valentine's.
To the boy who's made me smile, laugh, cry, mad.

To the boy who's made my life a memorable one.

The past 12 years could've been a joyride! And without your insanity, joy, laughter, sarcasm, life wouldn't have been the same. I couldn't have hoped for a better brother. You mean alot to me, you idiot! Just make sure you don't swell up due to this very flattering post! Once again, Happy Birthday Shaun! You deserved something special this year. =)