if you could change the way things are.
battle of the brains.

These days, I've been rather gallivant to say the least. It's just the feeling where you'd want to make the best out of the opened weeks before heading to 'study-mode' when trials are around the corner. So for the moment. all I've been up to is sleep, more sleep, fooding and moping in my parents bedroom -most of the time to watch the tv as I'd be an interference outside to the munchkin who's occupied with UPSR. Ahh...UPSR, the day I secreted the most sweat out of pure fear of the questions about to be answered by me. But I shall let bygones be bygones!

Moving on to something which'd catch your eye. The all famous, most talked about NERD NIGHT which I must comment on was an eye catching, breath taking? event? Or however you'd put it. For two bright people such as, themselves to formulate a plan soooooooooooooo [state postive adjective eg. superlative]...you'd give them the Einstein award. I hope we're not stereotyping people. It's just the way it is, I guess? Dee dums! I'll let the pictures narrate the whole night for you. My fingers are finally losing their grip and being too stubborn to explain the rest to you.

Pictures are not in order. So don't bother numbering them! hahaha?

Next time.