if you could change the way things are.

Crap lah wei?!

I miss them alreadaayyy!

It's this point of time when you're really deprived of friends. Especially when they're all the way in KL, most probably shopping, creating havoc and sneaking into each other's rooms to sleep over!


The sense of loneliness creeping over me, making me drown...

Haah! School wasn't that bad actually. Sure it could've been a whole lot better when those motor mouths were back in class instead of going on that trip. But I guess, it's my loss for not agreeing on going after much effort from them when negotiating with me.

I'm sorry, friends. =(

For now, I'll be keeping myself busy with the Jumble Sale held in my school, irritating Ame and Mae while all of you are on your way to Sunway Lagoon tomorrow.