if you could change the way things are.
the people we were meant to be.

My room could win the award for the ultimate pig sty in Malaysia, yr 2009. Wait! Is it spelt in one word or two? PIG STY...PIGSTY...PIG-STY. No matter...

It took me a heck of a long time just to regather my old text books for tomorrow's text book giveaway.

And maybe I'm to the extent of being frustrated till I'd love to pull my sideburns out cause I can't seem to find my English Literature Book! GAH! Such things should not happen to a person especially when tomorrow's a schoolday. It'd be considered a school night if I had to say so myself.

I wish I had bionic eyes, xray vision goggles which would allow me to track and hunt down that book of mine. It couldn't have possibly walked out or away from my bedroom or the the...area, right on top of the organ chair where my books are currently placed at, collecting dust particles-contributing to my severe dust allergy problem. No wait! It's not that bad.

*slaps herself* Gah sharon! At least have the decency to wrap up the remaining books and find another alternative to replace that irrelevant book which has not brought any benefits in my life except warming my fingers when I flip the pages, with that rustle sound it tends to make.

Konklusinya, I have the greatest proclivity to lose stuff easily.

I shall not mope around anymore. I'll do the wrapping. Wish me luck! =)?