if you could change the way things are.
oh, sweet strawberry seeds.
Oh bugger;
I've at least approximately 6 more minutes to give you a short write-up on Camerons before BM literature gets the best out of me.

Ahh. Duh-Duh! I've just about everything to say as I'm pretty exuberant when it comes to summarizing last week's trip.

Darn. 2 more minutes to spare.

With such clog-loads of fun, sheer laughter and excitement, there were no uncertainties that we had a great time and it was a well assured good time consumer.

Even the strawberries couldn't keep up with us! (That wasn't supposed to make sense)

But nevertheless, all 17 of us have our energy redoubled and are psyched up for anything that the LORD puts in front of us.

And I've exceeded my time by 7 minutes. Oh the Joy.